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Popular Baby Names starting with D

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Dantina Feminine variant of Daniel: God will judge. Female English -
Danton Variant of Anthony. Male French -
Danu Swift Flowing; Noisy; High Pitched Female Indian -
Danuj Born Of Danu, A Danava Male Bengali -
Danuj Born of Danu; A Danava Male Indian -
Danuja Son of Danu Male Indian -
Danveer Arbiter; Generous Male Indian -
Danvendra King Bali Male Indian -
Danvin Variant of Darwin: Friend. Male English -
Danvin Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Danvir Charitable Male Assemese -
Danvir Charitable Male Indian -
Dany Feminine variant of Daniel: God will judge. Female English -
Dany Dark. Male Gaelic -
Dany a familiar form of Daniel Male Hebrew -
Danya Feminine variant of Daniel: God will judge. Female English -
Danya God is my judge Female Hebrew -
Danya God's gift. Male Russian -
Danya God's gift. Male Ukrainian -
Danyal Prophet Male Indian -
Danylets Ukrainian form of Daniel 'judge'. Male Ukrainian -
Danylko Ukrainian form of Daniel 'judge'. Male Ukrainian -
Danylynn Variant of Daryl: Dearly loved. Female English -
Dao star Female Thai -
Daph Diminutive of Daphne: Bay tree, or laurel tree. The Greek mythological nymph Daphne was rescued from the unwanted attentions of the god Apollo by being turned into a laurel bush. Famous bearer: British author Daphne du Maurier. Female Greek -
Daphene laurel tree Female Filipino -
Daphna Laurel Female Hebrew -
Daphnah Laurel Female Hebrew -
Daphne laurel, bay tree, victory Female Greek Daphnis
Daphne Laurel Tree Female Indian -
Daphney The laurel tree. The mythological virtuous Daphne was transformed into a laurel tree to protect her from Apollo. Female Greek -
Daphnis Blinded for his infidelity. Male Greek -
Dar Diminutive of Darby: Place where deer graze. Male English -
Dar Dark. Male Gaelic -
Dar Pearl Male Hebrew -
Dara star Female Cambodian -
Dara Oak tree. Female Gaelic -
Dara Compassion Female Hebrew -
Dara compassion, wisdom, angel of rains and rivers Female Hebrew, Persian -
Dara evening star Female Thai -
Dara Possessor, sovereign Male Arabic -
Dara star Male Cambodian -
Dara Lord Male Indian -
Daraa Possessor, sovereign. Male Afghan -
Darach Oak. Male Scottish -
Darah Compassion Female Hebrew -
Darah Generation; house of the shepherd or of the companion. Male Biblical -
Darahaas Smile Male Indian -
Darakhshaan Shinning Female Arabic -
Darakhshaan Shinning Female Muslim -
Daralis beloved Female Old-English -
Daran Great. Male English -
Daran Variant of Darren: Great. Male Gaelic -
Daran Great Male Irish -
Darani N/A Male Indian -
Darany stars Male Cambodian -
Darareaksmey bright star Female Cambodian -
Daray dark Female Unknown -
Darb Diminutive of Darby: Place where deer graze. Male English -
Darbha A Sweet-smelling Dried Grass Male Indian -
Darbhi Witj Sacrifical Grass; An Ascetic Male Indian -
Darby free man Female Gaelic Derby
Darby Deer Park, from the surname and place name Derby. Also 'Without envy.'. Male English -
Darby Free man. Male Gaelic -
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