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Popular Baby Names starting with D

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Drue Abbreviation of Andrew 'manly.'. Male English -
Drugi Strong. Male German -
Druha Son Male Indian -
Druhi Daughter Female Indian -
Druhina N/A Male Indian -
Druhyu One who Loves Nature Male Indian -
Druki N/A Male Indian -
Druma Tree Male Indian -
Druman Tree Under which Krishna Got Mukti Male Indian -
Drumasena N/A Male Indian -
Drummand At the ridge. Male Scottish -
Drummond Lives on the hill top. Male Celtic -
Drummond At the ridge. Male Scottish -
Drupad A King, Father Of Draupadi Male Assemese -
Drupad A King; Father of Draupadi Male Indian -
Drupada Column; Pillar Male Indian -
Drury Cherished. Male French -
Drusilla Form of Drew; Sturdy; Fruitful Female Indian -
Drusilla Strong. Feminine derivitive from the Roman family name Drusus. Famous bearer: First century sister and mistress of the Roman emperor Caligula. Female Latin -
Druson Son of Drew. Male Welsh -
Druthi Softened Female Assemese -
Druthi Softened Female Indian -
Druti Softened Female Bengali -
Druti Female Hindu -
Druti Softened Female Indian -
Drutivant N/A Male Indian -
Druv A Star Male Indian -
Druvan N/A Male Indian -
Druvi Firm Female Indian -
Drych Legendary son of Kibddar. Male Welsh -
Dryden From the dry valley. Male English -
Drygedene From the dry valley. Male English -
Dryope A nymph. Female Greek -
Drysi Thorn. Female Welsh -
Drystan An advisor to Arthur. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Drystan Welsh form of Tristan 'full of sorrow'. Male Welsh -
Dryw Wise. Male Welsh -
Drywsone Son of Drew. Male Welsh -
Du head Female Korean -
Du Dark. Female Welsh -
Dua Prayer Female Arabic -
Dua Prayer Female Indian -
Dua Prayer Female Muslim -
Duaa Prayer Female Muslim -
Duach Legendary son of Gwawrddur. Male Welsh -
Duana Dark Female Irish -
Duane Song. Male Celtic -
Duane Dark; Form of Wayne; Wagoner; Swarthy; Hair; Little Dark One Male Indian -
Duane Dark Male Irish -
Duane dark, from the dunes Male Old-English, Celtic Dwayne, Dwane, Dwain, Dwaine, Duwayne, Wayne
Duante Dark Male Irish -
Duardo Prosperous guardian. Variant of Edward. Male Spanish -
Duarte He who watches over the land. Male Portuguese -
Duarte Prosperous guardian. Variant of Edward. Male Spanish -
Duartr Rich guard. Male Norse -
Duayna Dark Female Irish -
Duayne Dark Male Irish -
Dubaah Daughter of az-Zubayr and a female companion (R.A) Female Arabic -
Dubg Black haired Male Irish -
Dubh Black. Male Scottish -
Dubhagain Black Male Irish -
Dubhain Dark Female Irish -
Dubhan Black Male Irish -
Dubheasa Dark beauty Female Irish -
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