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Popular Baby Names starting with F

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Futun Fascinations Female Arabic -
Futun Fascinations Female Muslim -
Fuwad Heart Male Arabic -
Fuzail An accomplished person Male Arabic -
Fychan Small. Male Welsh -
Fydor Divine gift. Male Teutonic -
Fyfe From Fifeshire. Male Scottish -
Fyffe Variant of Fife: County name in Scotland. Male Scottish -
Fylla Youthful; Gener Female Indian -
Fylmer Variant of Filmore: Famed; famous. Male English -
Fynballa Fair shoulders Female Irish -
Fynbar Blond. Male Celtic -
Fynn Name of a river in Ghana. Male African -
Fynn Ghana; Form of Finn; Laplander Male Indian -
Fyodor Russian form of Theodore 'gift from God'. Male Russian -
Fyren Gathers. Male Anglo -
Fyrsil Welsh form of Virgil 'bears the staff'. Male Welsh -
Fytch Ermine. Male English -
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