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Popular Baby Names starting with G

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Gunvaran On the Path of Virtue Male Indian -
Gunveer Virtuous and Brave Male Indian -
Gunvit Virtuous Male Indian -
Gunwant Virtuous Male Bengali -
Gunwant Virtuous Male Indian -
Gunwanti Virtuous Female Indian -
Guoliang may the country be kind Male Chinese -
Guotin polite yet firm; strong leader Male Chinese -
Guowei state preserving Male Chinese -
Guozhi the state is ordered Male Chinese -
Gupil Garland Female Indian -
Gupil A Secret Male Bengali -
Gupil A Secret Male Indian -
Guptak Protected Male Indian -
Guptaka Protected Male Indian -
Gupti Preserving; Protecting Female Indian -
Gur The young of a beast, a whelp. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Gur Young lion Male Hebrew -
Gur-baal The governor's whelp Male Biblical -
Guramrit N/A Male Indian -
Gurbachan Promise of the Guru Male Indian -
Gurbachana The Promise of Teacher Male Indian -
Gurbakhsh Blessed with Guru's Grace Male Indian -
Gurbaksh Gift of Guru Male Indian -
Gurbani Sikhs Religious Prayer Female Indian -
Gurbans One Born from Guru Male Indian -
Gurbar Guru's Birth Male Indian -
Gurbax Gift of Guru Male Indian -
Gurbir Warrior of Guru Male Indian -
Gurbux N/A Male Indian -
Gurchandip Promise of the Guru Male Indian -
Gurcharan One who Takes Shelter in Guru's Lotus Feet Female Indian -
Gurcharan Feet Of The Guru Male Bengali -
Gurcharan Feet of the Guru Male Indian -
Gurcharanpal Preserver of Guru's Feet Male Indian -
Gurchet One who Remains Aware of Guru's Word Male Indian -
Gurdas One who is the Slave of the Guru Male Indian -
Gurdave N/A Male Indian -
Gurdaya One Blessed with the Guru's Grace Male Indian -
Gurdayal Compassionate Guru Male Assemese -
Gurdayal Compassionate Guru Male Indian -
Gurdeep Lamp of the Guru Female Indian -
Gurdeep Lamp Of The Guru Male Bengali -
Gurdeep Light of the Teacher Male Indian -
Gurdeepa Light of the Teacher Male Indian -
Gurdev Almighty God Male Indian -
Gurdial Kind Guru Male Indian -
Gurdip N/A Male Indian -
Gurditta One Born with Guru's Blessing Male Indian -
Gurdweep Light from the Guru Male Indian -
Gurdyal Compassionate Guru Male Indian -
Gurgalan A pagan king. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Gurgian Having Knowledge of Guru's Word Male Indian -
Gurgyan Having Knowledge of Guru's Word Male Indian -
Guri Hindu Goddess Of Plenty Female Hindi -
Guri Young lion Male Hebrew -
Gurice Young Lion Female Hebrew -
Gurijala N/A Male Indian -
Gurinder Lord Female Indian -
Gurinder Lord Male Indian -
Gurion Young lion Male Hebrew -
Gurit Innocent Female Hebrew -
Gurjari A Raga Female Indian -
Gurjas Fame of Lord Male Indian -
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