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Popular Baby Names starting with H

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Hamsini One Who Rides A Swan, Saraswathi Female Hindi -
Hamsini Who Rides a Swan; Saraswathi Female Indian -
Hamuda Desirable Female Indian -
Hamul Godly, merciful. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Hamund Son in law of Helgi the Lean. Male Norse -
Hamza Lion. Male Afghan -
Hamza strong,steadfast Male Arabic -
Hamza Lion Male Indian -
Hamza tenacious; Muhammad's uncle Male Muslim -
Hamzad Twin, co-walker, wraith or double. Male Afghan -
Hamzah Lion Male Arabic -
Hamzah Lion; name of the Prophets uncle Male Muslim -
Han audacious Female Thai -
Han Variant of John. Male Czechoslovakian -
Han Gift from God. Male German -
Hana Happiness, bliss Female Arabic -
Hana Happiness Female Indian -
Hana favorite; flower Female Japanese -
Hana flower, blossom; fower, graceful, merciful Female Japanese, Hebrew -
Hana happiness Male Bengali -
Hana Happiness Male Indian -
Hana Arabic form of "John" Male Muslim -
Hana, Hana Happiness, bliss Female Muslim -
Hana, Hanaa happiness Female Muslim -
Hanah Favor; grace. Female Israeli -
Hanah Favor; grace. Male Israeli -
Hanai Of happiness Male Muslim -
Hanako flower child Female Japanese -
Hanameel The grace that comes from God, gift of God. Male Biblical -
Hanan mercy Female Arabic -
Hanan Mercy Female Assemese -
Hanan Mercy Female Indian -
Hanan flower child Female Japanese -
Hanan mercy, compassion Female Muslim -
Hanan Compassionate, merciful, affectionate. Male Afghan -
Hanan Full of grace. Male Biblical -
Hanan Grace Male Hebrew -
Hanan Mercy Male Indian -
Hananan Another name for God; generous Male Arabic -
Hananeel Grace, or gift, of God. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Hananel God is gracious Male Hebrew -
Hanani My grace, my mercy. Male Biblical -
Hananiah Grace, mercy, gift of the Lord. Male Biblical -
Hanash A hadith was narrated by a man with the same name Male Arabic -
Hanash A hadith was narrated by a man with the same name Male Muslim -
Hanbal Purity Male Arabic -
Hanbal Pristine. Male Egyptian -
Hanbal Pristine; Purity Male Indian -
Hanbal Purity Male Muslim -
Hand Worker. Male English -
Hane Dwells in the hedged enclosure. Male Teutonic -
Haneef Upright, true Male Arabic -
Haneef Upright, true Male Muslim -
Haneefa True Believer Female Indian -
Haneefa True Believer Male Indian -
Haneefah True Believer Female Arabic -
Haneen Good Girl Female Indian -
Haneen flower child Female Japanese -
Haneesha Gift of God Female Indian -
Hanele compassionate Female Hebrew -
Hanes Banishment of grace. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Hanes Dwells in the hedged enclosure. Male Teutonic -
Haneul heaven; sky Female Korean -
Haneul heaven; sky Male Korean -
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