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Popular Baby Names starting with H

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Hotriya N/A Male Indian -
Hotspur 'King Henry IV, Part 1' and 'King Richard The Second' Henry Percy, surnamed Hotspur, son of the Earl of Northumberland. Male Shakespearean -
Hotuaekhaashtait Tall bull (Cheyenne). Male Native-American -
Houd A Prophet's Name Male Indian -
Houda Guided Male Arabic -
Houdain Tristan's dog. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Houdenc Tristan's dog. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Houerv Bitter. Male English -
Houghai N/A Female Indian -
Houghton From the estate on the bluff. Male English -
Houman Good Nature; Having a Good Soul Male Indian -
Houmesha The Ray of Gold Female Indian -
Hourher flaming hair; red-headed Female Armenian -
Houri flames Female Armenian -
Houri Fairy Female Indian -
Hourig little fire Female Armenian -
Houston hill town Male English -
Houston From Hugh's town. Place-name and surname. American West Texan general Sam Houston. A city in Texas USA. Male Scottish -
Hovan God's gracious gift Male Armen -
Hoven God is gracious Male Armen -
Hovsep God will add Male Armen -
How High. Male German -
Howahkan Of the mysterious voice (Sioux). Male Native-American -
Howard guardian of the home, watchman Male English Howe, Howie
Howard heart brave Male Filipino -
Howard Noble watchman. Surname of one of the great houses of English nobility. Male Scandinavian -
Howard Defender. Male Teutonic -
Howe High. Male German -
Howel Killed by Arthur. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Howel Variant of Hywel: Eminent. Attentive. Male Welsh -
Howell seeing clearly Male Filipino -
Howell Variant of Hywel: Eminent. Attentive. Male Welsh -
Howi Turtle dove (Miwok). Male Native-American -
Howie Nichname for Howard 'noble watchman.'. Male English -
Howin loyal swallow Male Chinese -
Howland From the chiefs land. Male English -
Hoyt Mind Male Irish -
Hrada Sound; Noise; Roar; Reality Male Indian -
Hradha Lake Female Bengali -
Hradha Lake Female Indian -
Hradini Lightening Female Assemese -
Hradini Lightening Female Hindi -
Hradini Lightening Female Indian -
Hradini N/A Male Indian -
Hraefnscaga From the raven forest. Male English -
Hrafn Son of Hrafn. Male Norse -
Hrag fire Male Armen -
Hrant unquenchable fire Male Armen -
Hrapenly From the shouter's meadow. Male English -
Hrapp Father of Hrodgeir. Male Norse -
Hratchouhi fire-eyed Female Armenian -
Hravart burning rose Male Armen -
Hrdaya Heart Male Indian -
Hrdayesa Ruler of the Heart Male Indian -
Hrdika Friendship Male Indian -
Hreet Shiv Male Indian -
Hreghen fiery Female Armenian -
Hrehaan God's Chosen Male Indian -
Hreidmar Dwarf king. Male Norse -
Hresa To Be Delighted Male Indian -
Hrhithik From the Heart Male Indian -
Hrian King Male Indian -
Hrida Pure Female Indian -
Hridaan Good Natured Person; Gift of Heart Male Indian -
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