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Popular Baby Names starting with J

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Jitu Who Always Win Male Indian
Jitvan Victorious Male Indian
Jiva A Living Being; Alive Male Indian
Jivadeva Lord of the Soul Male Indian
Jivaj Full Of Life Male Bengali
Jivaj Full of Life Male Indian
Jivaja Born Alive Male Indian
Jival Full of Life Male Indian
Jivala Full of Life Male Indian
Jivan Life Male Indian
Jivana one of 108 names of the Sun God Male Hindu
Jivana The Sun God Male Indian
Jivanananda Full of Life Male Indian
Jivandeep The Lamp of Life Male Indian
Jivanlal Similar to Jeevan Male Indian
Jivant Long Lived Male Indian
Jivanta To Give Life Female Indian
Jivantika One who gives life Female Assemese
Jivantika One who gives life Female Bengali
Jivantika One who Gives Life Female Indian
Jivaraja Lord of Life Male Indian
Jivatha Long Lived; Virtuous Male Indian
Jivatram N/A Male Indian
Jiven Life Female Indian
Jivesh God Male Bengali
Jivesh God Male Indian
Jivi Life Female Indian
Jivika Source of Life Female Indian
Jivin to give life Male Hindu
Jivin To Give Life Male Indian
Jivini Praise Male Indian
Jivinta Life Female Indian
Jivita Life Female Bengali
Jivita Life Female Indian
Jivitesa King of the Living Male Indian
Jivitesh God Male Indian
Jivitva Life; Pran Female Indian
Jivraj Lord Of Life Male Bengali
Jivraj Lord of Life Male Indian
Jivram Lord of Life Male Indian
Jivyang N/A Male Indian
Jiwani N/A Male Indian
Jiya Sweet Heart Female Indian
Jiyaan Always Happy Male Indian
Jiyad Very good Male Arabic
Jiyad Very good Male Muslim
Jiyajot Light in Heart Female Indian
Jiyu Compassionate Friend Male Indian
Jjval N/A Male Indian
Jnaan N/A Male Indian
Jnaandeva Lord of Life Male Indian
Jnanada N/A Female Indian
Jnanada N/A Male Indian
Jnanadarpana Mirror of Knowledge Male Indian
Jnanadatta N/A Female Indian
Jnanadeva N/A Female Indian
Jnanadipa N/A Female Indian
Jnanadirgha Life Giving Male Indian
Jnanakara N/A Female Indian
Jnanaketu N/A Female Indian
Jnanameru N/A Female Indian
Jnanamurti Statue of Ladies Female Indian
Jnanaprakash Light of Knowledge Male Indian
Jnanavajra N/A Female Indian
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