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Popular Baby Names starting with J

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Jagesh Lord of the World Male Indian
Jagesha N/A Male Indian
Jaggaiah God of the World Male Indian
Jagger Strong, Loyal Male Bengali
Jagger Carter. Male English
Jagger carter, peddlar Male Filipino
Jagger Strong; Loyal Male Indian
Jagger a teamster Male Old-English
Jaghan World; Universe Male Indian
Jagir Rewards for Good Service Male Indian
Jagisa Lord of the Universe Male Indian
Jagish Lord of the Universe Male Indian
Jagjeet Winner of the World Male Indian
Jagjeevan Worldly Life Male Bengali
Jagjeevan Worldly Life Male Indian
Jagjit Winner of the World Male Indian
Jagjivan Life of the World; Worldly Life Male Indian
Jagjodh Warrior of the World Male Indian
Jaglal Son of World Male Indian
Jagmeet Friend of the World Male Indian
Jagmi Wind Male Indian
Jagmohan One who Attracts the World Male Indian
Jagmohini Mahamaya; Durga Female Indian
Jagnarayana Lord of the Universe Male Indian
Jagnu Carrier of the World; The Fire Male Indian
Jago Cornish variant of Jacob: He grasps the heel. Supplanter. Male English
Jago supplanter Male Filipino
Jago Supplanter. Male Spanish
Jagpati Lord of the Universe Male Indian
Jagraj N/A Male Indian
Jagrati Awakening Female Assemese
Jagrati Female Hindu
Jagrati Awakening Female Indian
Jagrav Awakened Male Bengali
Jagrav Awakened Male Indian
Jagravi King Female Bengali
Jagravi King Female Indian
Jagravi Watchful; Bright Male Indian
Jagreet World's Way Male Indian
Jagrit Awakened Male Indian
Jagriti Vigilance Female Indian
Jagrup Embodiement of the World Male Indian
Jagruthi Creator Female Indian
Jagruti Awakening; awareness Female Bengali
Jagruti Awareness Female Hindi
Jagruti Awareness Female Indian
Jagtar One who Attracts the World; Emancipator of the World Male Indian
Jaguar big spotted feline Male Filipino
Jagur Biblical place-name meaning 'heap of stones; marker.'. Male Aramaic
Jaguri One who Wakes Others Up Male Indian
Jagvi Worldly Female Assemese
Jagvi Worldly Female Hindi
Jagvi Worldly Female Indian
Jah The everlasting. Female Biblical
Jaha Dignity Female African
Jahaan Land Female Arabic
Jahaan Land Female Muslim
Jahaira Jewel Female Indian
Jahal Goddess of Power Female Indian
Jahaleel Praising God, light of God. Female Biblical
Jahan Land Female Arabic
Jahan The World Female Indian
Jahan World. Male Afghan
Jahan The World Male Indian
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