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Popular Baby Names starting with S

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Sahashrad Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Sahasin Powerful; Mighty Male Indian -
Sahaskrit Bestowing Strength; Power Male Indian -
Sahasra A New Beginning Female Indian -
Sahasrad Lord Shiva Male Bengali -
Sahasrad Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Sahastra Thousand Female Indian -
Sahastra Thousand Male Indian -
Sahastrabahu One with Thousand Arms Male Indian -
Sahastrajit Victor of Thousands Male Indian -
Sahasvat Full of Valour; Victorious Male Indian -
Sahaswini N/A Female Indian -
Sahasya Mighty, courageous Male Bengali -
Sahasya Mighty Male Indian -
Sahat Strong Male Indian -
Sahatra N/A Male Indian -
Sahaujas Endowed with Strength or Power Male Indian -
Sahavan Possessing Strength; Mighty Male Indian -
Sahay Help Male Indian -
Sahaya Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Sahayu Victorious Male Indian -
Sahdev One of the Pandava Princes Male Indian -
Sahdeva Mighty Male Indian -
Saheb One with Honourable Status Male Indian -
Saheim Warrior Male Arabic -
Saheim Warrior Male Muslim -
Sahel Shore, bank. Male Afghan -
Sahel One who shows way/path Male Arabic -
Sahel Beach; Shore Male Indian -
Saheli Friend Female Bengali -
Saheli Friend Female Hindi -
Saheli friend Female Hindu Sakhi, Sakina
Saheli Friend Female Indian -
Sahen Friend Female Indian -
Sahen falcon Male Hindu -
Sahen Falcon Male Indian -
Sahendra Resembling God Indra in Power Male Indian -
Saher Morning; Subha Female Indian -
Sahib Companion friend Male Arabic -
Sahib sir Male Hindu -
Sahib The Lord Male Indian -
Sahib Companion Male Muslim -
Sahiba The Lady Female Assemese -
Sahiba Lady Female Hindi -
Sahiba lady Female Hindu -
Sahiba The Lady Female Indian -
Sahibah Colleague Female Arabic -
Sahibah Colleague Female Muslim -
Sahil Guide. Male Arabic -
Sahil Ocean; Guide Male Indian -
Sahil Guide Male Muslim -
Sahila Guide Female Assemese -
Sahila Guide Female Hindi -
Sahila guide Female Hindu -
Sahila Guide Female Indian -
Sahima Snowed Female Hindi -
Sahima Snowed Female Indian -
Sahinshnu Patient; Enduring; Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Sahir Wakeful Male Arabic -
Sahir Magician Male Indian -
Sahir Wakeful Male Muslim -
Sahira Mountain Female Assemese -
Sahira Mountain Female Bengali -
Sahira Mountain Female Hindi -
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