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Popular Baby Names starting with S

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Sabeans Captivity, conversion, old age. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical -
Sabeegah Beautiful, graceful Female Arabic -
Sabeeh A narrator of Hadith Male Arabic -
Sabeeh Beautiful Male Indian -
Sabeeh A narrator of Hadith Male Muslim -
Sabeeha Beautiful, bright faced Female Arabic -
Sabeen Cool breeze of the morning Female Muslim -
Sabeena Beautiful Female Indian -
Sabeer Patient, persevering Male Arabic -
Sabeer Patient; Tolerant Male Indian -
Sabeeyah Baby girl Female Arabic -
Sabeeyah Baby girl Female Muslim -
Saber Patient, Tolerant. Male Afghan -
Saber sword Male Filipino -
Saber Sword. Male French -
Sabera / Sabira Patient. Female of Saber. Female Afghan -
Sabesan N/A Male Indian -
Sabet Fixed, firm, immovable, steady, constant, proved, invariable. Male Afghan -
Sabhajit Honoured Praised Celebrated Male Indian -
Sabhanayagam With Strength Male Indian -
Sabhrant Rich Male Indian -
Sabhya N/A Female Indian -
Sabhya Refined Male Indian -
Sabia Beautiful; 7th Sky in Arabic Female Indian -
Sabih Beautiful, pleasant, fond Male Arabic -
Sabih Handsome Male Indian -
Sabih, Sabeeh Beautiful, pleasant, fond Male Muslim -
Sabiha Beautiful. Female Arabic -
Sabiha Beautiful Female Indian -
Sabiha Beautiful Female Muslim -
Sabiha Female Unknown -
Sabihah Beautiful, graceful Female Arabic -
Sabihah Beautiful Female Muslim -
Sabil Path way Male Arabic -
Sabina Flower Female Arabic -
Sabina Sabine woman Female Filipino -
Sabina Beautiful Female Indian -
Sabina Sabine woman Female Latin Sabine, Savina, Saidhbhin, Sabiny, Biene, Bini, Bienchen, Sabse
Sabina Flower Female Muslim -
Sabindu N/A Male Indian -
Sabine A Sabine. From an ancient Roman tribe name, Sabinus. Female Latin -
Sabine N/A Male Indian -
Sabino A Sabine. Male Spanish -
Sabiq First Former Male Arabic -
Sabiqah Past Female Arabic -
Sabiqah Past Female Muslim -
Sabir Patient Male Arabic -
Sabir Patient Male Indian -
Sabir Patient Male Muslim -
Sabir, Sabeer Patient, persevering Male Muslim -
Sabira Patient, enduring Female Arabic -
Sabirah patient Female Arabic -
Sabirah Patient, perseverant Female Muslim -
Sabirah, Saabira Patient Female Muslim -
Sabita Beautiful Sunshine Female Indian -
Sabitha Sunshine Female Indian -
Sabola prophetess Male Egyptian -
Saboor / Sabur Patient, Tolerant, Forbearing. Male Afghan -
Saboora Very patient Female Arabic -
Saboora / Sabura Patient, Tolerant, Forbearing. Female of Saboor. Female Afghan -
Sabr Patience, self control Female Arabic -
Sabr Patience, self control Female Muslim -
Sabra thorny cactus; to rest Female Arabic, Hebrew -
Sabra To rest Female Hebrew -
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