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Popular Baby Names starting with T

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Triksha N/A Male Indian -
Trilaksha Three Eyed Durga Female Indian -
Trilby one who sings musical thrills Female Italian -
Trillare Sings with trills. Female Italian -
Trilochan Having three eyes.Lord Shiva. Male Bengali -
Trilochan One with Three Eyes; Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Trilochana Lord Shiva Female Assemese -
Trilochana Three Eyed Female Hindi -
Trilochana Female Hindu -
Trilochana Three Eyed; Lord Shiva Female Indian -
Trilochana Three Eyed Lord; Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Trilok The Three Worlds Heaven; Earth; Hell Male Indian -
Trilokanath Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Trilokchand Moon of the Three Worlds Male Indian -
Trilokesh Lord Shiva Male Bengali -
Trilokesh Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Triloki Three Dimension Female Indian -
Triloki Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Trilokjit Conquering the Three Worlds Male Indian -
Triloknath Shiv. Easwar.King of the 3 worlds (Pathal,Earth &Heaven). Male Bengali -
Triloknath Shiv; The Lord of Three Worlds Male Indian -
Trilokva N/A Male Indian -
Trilokyadevi Goddess of the 3 Worlds Female Indian -
Trilottama Goddess Durga Female Indian -
Trimaan Worshipped in Three Worlds Male Indian -
Triman Worshipped in Three World's Male Indian -
Trimurti The Holy Trinity Male Indian -
Trina Diminutive of Katrina or Catriona often used as an independent name. Female English -
Trina Diminutive of Catriona, a Scottish Gaelic variant of Catherine meaning meaning pure, clear. Female Gaelic -
Trina Innocent. Female Greek -
Trina Grass Female Indian -
Trina fire, full of spirit Female Unknown Trin
Trinabh Lord Vishnu Male Bengali -
Trinabh Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Trinak A Blade of Grass; Mortal Male Indian -
Trinamani Jewel; Sapphire Male Indian -
Trinanku Fragrant Grass Male Indian -
Trinath Lord Shivtripur Three Cities Male Indian -
Trinay Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Trinayan durga Female Bengali -
Trinayan Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Trinayani Goddess Durga Female Indian -
Trinculo 'The Tempest' A jester. Male Shakespearean -
Trind chubby Female Swedish -
Trine Innocent. Female Greek -
Trinetra Goddess Durga Female Indian -
Trinetra Lord Shiva Another Name; Three Eyed Male Indian -
Trinetta Little innocent. Female French -
Trinette Little innocent. Female French -
Tringad Legendary son of Neued. Male Welsh -
Trinh virgin Female Vietnamese -
Trinidad Holy Trinity Female Filipino -
Trinity The Father the Son and the Holy Spirit Female Assemese -
Trinity The Father the Son and the Holy Spirit Female Indian -
Trinity the holy three Female Latin Trin, Triny, Triniti
Trinity Triad. The father, the son, and the holy spirit. Male Bengali -
Trip Traveler. Male English -
Tripada God of Fever Male Indian -
Tripan Pleasing; Refreshing Male Indian -
Triparna Leaf of sacred Bael Female Bengali -
Triparna Leaf of Sacred Bael Female Indian -
Tripat The Holy Trinity Male Indian -
Tripathaga Flowing Through Three Regions; River Ganga Female Indian -
Tripp Traveler. Male English -
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