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Popular Baby Names starting with T

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Tusya Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Tusya Beyond expectation. Male Russian -
Tutaka N/A Male Indian -
Tutankhamun Name of a pharaoh. Male Egyptian -
Tutilina Goddess of harvest. Female Latin -
Tutyahu Goodness of God Male Hebrew -
Tuvidymna Very Glorious; Powerful; Lord Indra Male Indian -
Tuvidyumna Lord Indra Male Assemese -
Tuvidyumna Lord Indra Male Indian -
Tuvijat Lord Indra Male Bengali -
Tuvijat Lord Indra Male Indian -
Tuviksh Powerful; Lord Indra's Bow Male Indian -
Tuvimanyu Very Zealous Male Indian -
Tuvishtam Strongest Male Indian -
Tuvya God Goodness Female Indian -
Tuvya Male Hebrew -
Tuyˆn ray Female Vietnamese -
Tuya Clean Female Indian -
Tuya Pure Male Indian -
Tuyen snow Female Vietnamese -
Tuyen angel Male Vietnamese -
Tuyet snow; white Female Vietnamese -
Tvadeeya Belongs to Lord Female Indian -
Tvarika Swift, Quick Female Assemese -
Tvarika Swift, Quick Female Bengali -
Tvarika Swift; Quick Female Indian -
Tvarita Goddess Durga Female Hindi -
Tvarita Goddess Durga Female Indian -
Tvashta Creator of Living Beings; Heavenly Builder Male Indian -
Tvesa Brilliant; Glittering Female Indian -
Tvesha Brilliant Female Indian -
Tvesin Impetuous Male Indian -
Tvisha Bright Female Assemese -
Tvisha Bright Female Hindi -
Tvisha Bright Female Indian -
Tvishi Ray of Light; Energy; Brilliance Female Indian -
Twain Cut in two. Male English -
Twain two pieces Male Middle-English -
Twarita Fast Female Indian -
Twein Cut in two. Male English -
Twesha N/A Male Indian -
Twiford From the double river ford. Male English -
Twila Thread Female Unknown Twyla
Twinkle Sparkle; Gleam of Eyes Female Indian -
Twish Bright Male Indian -
Twisha Bright Female Indian -
Twitchel Lives on a narrow passage. Male English -
Twitchell Lives on a narrow passage. Male English -
Twm Welsh form of Tom 'gift from God'. Male Welsh -
Twrgadarn Tower of stlength. Male Welsh -
Twyford From the double river ford. Male English -
Twyla Woven. Female English -
Txanton Basque for Joseph. Male Basque -
Txomin Like God. Male Basque -
Ty Abbreviation for names beginning with 'Ty-.'. Male English -
Tyaagaraaj A Deity Male Indian -
Tyag Lord Indra Male Indian -
Tyagi Sacrifice; One who has Renounced Male Indian -
Tyagin Ascetic; Sacrificing; Liberal; Hero Male Indian -
Tyagraj Sacrifice King Male Indian -
Tyagraja A Famous Poet Male Indian -
Tyanne special one Female Unknown Ty
Tybalt 'The Tragedy of Romeo And Juliet' Nephew to Lady Capulet. Male Shakespearean -
Tyce Fiery. Male English -
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