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Popular Baby Names starting with ella

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Ella Abbreviation of Eleanor and Ellen: Beautiful fairy. A diminutive of feminine names begining with El or ending with ella. Famous bearer: American jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald; American poet Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Female English
Ella Medieval given name meaning all.. Female French
Ella From the Old German name Alia, meaning all. Female German
Ella beautiful fairy woman, all Female Old-English/Old-German
Ellaine Shining light. Variant of Helen. Female French
Ellaiyamma Boundary Deity Female Indian
Ellam All Male Indian
Ellamaal N/A Female Indian
Ellamma The Name of a South Indian Goddess Female Indian
Ellappan N/A Male Indian
Ellar Variant of Eallair: Monastery's steward. Male Scottish
Ellard Brave. Male English
Ellard Brave; noble. Male German
Ellard Nobly brave. Male Teutonic
Ellary Variant of Ellery: Elder tree island. Male English
Ellary Dwells by the alder trees. Male Teutonic
Ellasar Revolting from God Male Biblical
Ellayne Shining light. Variant of Helen. Female French
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