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Popular Baby Names starting with y

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Ya akove Replaces Female Hebrew
Ya Chai sweetheart Female Thai
Ya el Goat Female Hebrew
Yaa Born on Thursday Female African
Yaachana Prayer Female Indian
Yaadave Goddess Durga Female Indian
Yaag Hawan Male Indian
Yaagnya Beauty Female Indian
Yaagyasenee Pretty; Beautiful Female Indian
Yaaja N/A Male Indian
Yaakov Supplanting Male Hebrew
Yaalchelvan Pride of Yaalpaanam Male Indian
Yaalini Melodious Female Indian
Yaalisai Melodious Female Assemese
Yaalisai Melodious Female Indian
Yaallini Melodious Female Indian
Yaalmani Gem of Yaalpaanam Male Indian
Yaalvendan Ruler of Yaalpaanam (Jaffna) Male Bengali
Yaalvendan Ruler of Yaalpaanam Male Indian
Yaamoli Melodious Female Bengali
Yaamoli Melodious Female Indian
Yaar Very Good Friend Male Indian
Yaashvan Winner Male Indian
Yaatiesh Lord of Devotees Male Indian
Yaatri Traveller Male Indian
Yabel Lovable. Female Latin
Yachak The One who Requests Male Indian
Yachana Pleading Female Indian
Yachi eight thousand Female Filipino
Yachiel God lives Male Hebrew
Yachika Application Male Indian
Yachna Sing; Prathna Female Indian
Yachne gracious Female Hebrew
Yadagiri Remembrance; Souvenir Male Indian
Yadav Lord Krishna; Descedent of Yadu Male Indian
Yadava Descendant of Yadu Male Indian
Yadavalli Male Hindu
Yadavaprakasa Lord Krishna Male Indian
Yadavendra Lord Krishna Male Indian
Yadavesvara Lord Krishna Male Indian
Yadavi Goddess Durga Female Assemese
Yadavi Goddess Durga Female Hindi
Yadavi Goddess Durga Female Indian
Yadawa N/A Male Indian
Yadgar Memorable Male Indian
Yadgiri Remember Male Indian
Yadhana Smile Female Indian
Yadhav Lord Krishna Male Indian
Yadhavan Lord Krishna Male Indian
Yadhokshaja Lord Vishnu Male Indian
Yadid friend; beloved Male Hebrew
Yadid Friend; Beloved Male Indian
Yadip Yamraj Male Indian
Yadira friend Female Hebrew
Yadita Lord of Night Female Indian
Yadleen One Absorbed in God's Remembrance Female Indian
Yadleen One Absorbed in God's Remembrance Male Indian
Yadnya Holy Fire Male Indian
Yadnyesh Lord Male Indian
Yadnysena Name of Dropadi Female Indian
Yadon he will judge Male Hebrew
Yadu An Ancient King Male Assemese
Yadu An Ancient King Male Bengali
Yadu An Ancient King Male Indian
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