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Popular Baby Names starting with E for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Eacnung Bears children. Female Anglo -
Eada Wealthy. Female English -
Eadaion Joyous friendship. Female German -
Eadda Wealthy. Female English -
Eadgyth Wife of Edward the ... Female Anglo -
Eadgyth Happy warfare. An Old English name meaning rich or happy (ead), and war (gyth). Female English -
Eadignes Bliss. Female Anglo -
Eadlin Princess. Female Anglo -
Eadmund Rich benefactress. Female English -
Eadwine Wealthy friend. Female English -
Eakshaa Rational Female Indian -
Ealasaid Devoted to God. Female Gaelic -
Ealga Noble Female Irish -
Earlena Noble woman. Female English -
Earlene Noble woman. Female English -
Earlina Noble woman. Female English -
Earline Noble woman. Feminine of Earl. Female English -
Earna Eagle. Female English -
Earnestyna Serious. Female English -
Earric Powerful. Female English -
Eartha Worldly. Earth, from the Old English eorthe. Famous bearer: American creole singer Eartha Kitt. Female English -
Eartha The earth. Female German -
Eartha Born of the Earth; Child of the World Female Indian -
Eartha of the earth Female Old-English -
Earwine Friend of the sea. Female English -
Earwyn Friend of the sea. Female English -
Earwyna Friend of the sea. Female English -
Easha Desire Female Indian -
Eashaa Desire; Durga Female Indian -
Eashana Glorious Female Indian -
Eashanai Light Female Indian -
Eashani Goddess Parvathi Female Indian -
Eashanye The Diety who Looks After the Direction Eashanya or East Female Indian -
Eashita One who Desires Female Indian -
Eashta Eashwara's Name Female Indian -
Eashtadevata Favourite Diety Female Indian -
Eashwari Goddess Parvati Female Indian -
Easmatara N/A Female Indian -
Easter Goddess of the dawn. Female Anglo -
Easter Born at Easter. From the name of the Christian festival, which is based on Eostre, the name of a Germanic spring goddess. Sometimes also used as a variant of Esther. Female English -
Easter easter time Female Old-English -
Eastre Born at Easter. Female English -
Easwaranayaki Wanted Female Indian -
Easwari Strength Female Indian -
Eathelin Noble waterfall. Female English -
Eathellreda Noble maiden. Female English -
Eathelyn Noble waterfall. Female English -
Eavan Young warrior Female Irish -
Ebba Strength. Female Danish -
Ebba Flowing tide. Female English -
Ebba Strength. Female German -
Ebba strength, return of the tide Female Germanic/Anglo-Saxon -
Ebbani Desire Female Indian -
Ebere mercy Female African -
Ebonee Black. Female Egyptian -
Ebonee Black. Female Greek -
Eboni Black. Female Egyptian -
Eboni Black. Female Greek -
Ebonique Black. Female Egyptian -
Ebonique Black. Female Greek -
Ebony Black. Female Egyptian -
Ebony dark beauty, a hard wood Female English/Greek Ebonie, Ebonee
Ebony Black. Female Greek -
Ebrill Born in April. Female Welsh -
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