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Popular Baby Names starting with I for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Iaicchik The Earth Female Indian -
Ianthe violet-colored flower Female Greek -
Iba Pride, sense Female Arabic -
Iba Pride, sense Female Muslim -
Ibadah Worship Female Arabic -
Ibadah Worship Female Muslim -
Ibbani Honey Dow Female Indian -
Ibernia From Ireland Female Irish -
Ibha Hope Female Assemese -
Ibha Hope Female Indian -
Ibhi Female Elephant Female Indian -
Iblis Wife of Lancelot. Female Arthurian-Legend -
Ibolya Flower. Female Latin -
Ibthaj Joy. Female Arabic -
Ibthaj Joy Female Muslim -
Ibtihaaj Joy, delight Female Arabic -
Ibtihaaj Joy Female Bengali -
Ibtihaaj Joy Female Indian -
Ibtihaj Happiness Female Muslim -
Ibtihaj, Ibtihaaj Joy, delight Female Muslim -
Ibtihal Supplication, prayer Female Arabic -
Ibtihal Supplication, prayer Female Muslim -
Ibtisam Smile Female Arabic -
Ibtisam Smiling Female Muslim -
Ica Light. Female Greek -
Iccha Wish Female Indian -
Icha What My Heart Says I Do Female Indian -
Ichchha Desire Ambition Female Indian -
Ichha Desire Female Indian -
Ida Diligent. A Greek mythological nymph who cared for the infant Zeus on Mt. Ida. Female English -
Ida hardworking Female Filipino -
Ida Labour. Active. The heroine of Tennyson's poem 'The Princess'. Female German -
Ida Norman Origin; Diligent Female Indian -
Ida Thirsty Female Irish -
Ida A nymph. Female Latin -
Ida prosperous Female Old-English -
Idai Awakening; Love Female Indian -
Idaia Active. Female German -
Idalie Active. Female German -
Idaline Work; Insight Female Indian -
Idavida Scholar Female Indian -
Idbash Flowing with honey, the land of destruction. Female Biblical -
Ide Thirsty Female Irish -
Ideh praise Female Hebrew -
Idelisa Bountiful. Female Celtic -
Idella Bountiful. Female Welsh -
Idelle Bountiful. Female Celtic -
Idetta Hard working. Female German -
Idette Hard working. Female German -
Idha Insight Female Hindi -
Idha Insight Female Indian -
Idhar Fluff Female Arabic -
Idhar Fluff Female Muslim -
Idhaya Heart Female Indian -
Idhayakani Insight Female Indian -
Idhika Another name for parvathi Female Assemese -
Idhika Another name for parvathi Female Bengali -
Idhika Another Name for Parvathi Female Indian -
Idhitri One who Praises Female Indian -
Idika The Earth Female Hindi -
Idika The Earth Female Indian -
Iditri One who praises; Complimentary Female Assemese -
Iditri One who praises; Complimentary Female Bengali -
Iditri Complimentary Female Hindi -
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