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Popular Baby Names starting with K for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Kaitlyn Pure Female Irish -
Kaitlynn Pure Female Irish -
Kaivalya Absolute; Aloneness Female Indian -
Kaivya Knowledge of Poet Female Indian -
Kaiya forgiveness Female Japanese -
Kaiyo forgiveness Female Japanese -
Kajal Eyeliner Female Hindi -
Kajal eyeliner Female Hindu -
Kajal Eyeliner; Kohl Female Indian -
Kajali Collyrium Female Indian -
Kajamukhi N/A Female Indian -
Kajari Bird Female Bengali -
Kajel N/A Female Indian -
Kajjali Eye-Liner, Kohl Female Assemese -
Kajjali Kohl Female Indian -
Kajol Eye-Liner, Kohl Female Bengali -
Kajol Eye-Liner Female Hindi -
Kajol Female Hindu -
Kajol Eye Liner Female Indian -
Kajori Goddess Parvati Female Indian -
Kajri Cloud Like Female Indian -
Kajsa Female Swedish Kaisa
Kakali Bird Call Female Bengali -
Kakali Chipping of Birds Female Indian -
Kakoli Preaching of a bird Female Bengali -
Kakoli Preaching of Birds Female Indian -
Kakra Second of twins Female African -
Kakra A twin. Female Egyptian -
Kakra younger of twins Female Ghanese -
Kaksha White Rose Female Indian -
Kakshi Of Jungle; Perfume; Fragrant Earth Female Indian -
Kaksi Perfume Female Assemese -
Kaksi Perfume Female Indian -
Kala Art Female Bengali -
Kala Art Female Hindi -
Kala time, black Female Hindu -
Kala Art Female Indian -
Kalabai Eye-liner Female Indian -
Kalabjari Parvati Female Indian -
Kalai Wrist Female Indian -
Kalaiamudha Art Female Indian -
Kalaiarasi Topmost Part of the Tower of a Temple Female Indian -
Kalaimagal Queen of arts Female Assemese -
Kalaimagal Queen of Arts Female Indian -
Kalaimani Gem of Arts Female Indian -
Kalaipoonga Possessing Many Artistic Skills Female Indian -
Kalaiselvi An Art Work Female Indian -
Kalaivani Goddess of Arts; Goddess Saraswathi Female Indian -
Kalaka Blue Female Indian -
Kalakarni Lakshmi; With Black Ears Female Indian -
Kalama flaming torch Female Hawaiian -
Kalamala Garland of the Fine Arts Female Indian -
Kalan Variant of Kay and Kayla, meaning: keeper of the keys; pure. Female English -
Kalandhika Bestower of Art Female Indian -
Kalani The sky;chieftain. Female Hawaiian -
Kalanidhi Treasure Of Art Female Bengali -
Kalanidhi Treasure of Art Female Indian -
Kalanie The sky;chieftain. Female Hawaiian -
Kalanit flower name Female Hebrew -
Kalapi peacock, nightingale Female Assemese -
Kalapi Peacock; Nightingale Female Indian -
Kalapini Peacock; Night Female Indian -
Kalapriya Lover of Art Female Indian -
Kalara Shines. Female Latin -
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