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Popular Baby Names starting with S for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Sumayrah Brownish Female Muslim
Sumaytah She was a companion Female Arabic
Sumaytah She was a companion Female Muslim
Sumayyah Proper name Female Arabic
Sumbul Spike of grain Female Arabic
Sumbul Frail, Delicate Female Muslim
Sumedha Intelligent Female Hindi
Sumedha Wise Female Indian
Sumeera The Goddess of Wealth Female Indian
Sumeeta Good Friend; Soul Mate Female Indian
Sumegha Rain; Good Cloud Female Indian
Sumeghaa N/A Female Indian
Sumeha Intelligent Female Indian
Sumehra beautiful face Female Arabic
Sumeka Well Fixed Female Indian
Sumera Princess Female Arabic
Sumeshini N/A Female Indian
Sumeshnee N/A Female Indian
Sumey flower Female Asian
Sumi Good Female Indian
Sumi clear, refined Female Japanese
Sumia The one who listens Female Arabic
Sumira Much Remembered Female Indian
Sumiran In Remembrance of God Female Indian
Sumita Friendly Female Hindi
Sumita A Good Friend Female Indian
Sumitha One who has a Beautiful Body Female Indian
Sumithra Good Friend Female Indian
Sumitra Female Hindu
Sumitra Name of the Mother of Lakshmana Female Indian
Sumiya Beautiful Female Arabic
Sumiye bright mind; smart girl Female Japanese
Sumlina Morning Star. Female Arabic
Sumlina Morning Star Female Muslim
Summar Fruit, Gifts Female Arabic
Summar Fruit, Gifts Female Muslim
Summaya The first lady who obtained shahadat in Islam Female Arabic
Summaya The first lady who obtained shahadat in Islam Female Muslim
Summayyah First martyr of Islam. Female Arabic
Summayyah First martyr of Islam Female Muslim
Summer Born during the summer. Female English
Summer summer season Female Old-English, Arabic
Sumnah Name of an Arab girl (FH). Female Arabic
Sumnah Name of an Arab girl (FH) Female Muslim
Sumnavari Bringing Joy Female Indian
Sumona Calm Female Assemese
Sumona Calm Female Hindi
Sumona Calm Female Indian
Sumra Fruit, summer fruit. Female Arabic
Sumra Fruit, summer fruit Female Muslim
Sumukha Smiling and Beautiful Face Female Indian
Sumukhee N/A Female Indian
Sumukhi Very Beautiful, Goddess Lakshmi Female Hindi
Sumukhi Very Beautiful; Describes Goddess Lakshmi Female Indian
Sun goodness Female Korean
Sun-Hi good; joyful Female Korean
Sunadamala N/A Female Indian
Sunaina One who has beautiful eyes Female Assemese
Sunaina Beautiful Eyes Female Hindi
Sunaina Beautiful Eyes Female Indian
Sunami Well Named Female Indian
Sunamya N/A Female Indian
Sunanda Sweet Charectered Female Hindi
Sunanda Very Pleasing Female Indian
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