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Popular Baby Names starting with U for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Udvita River Filled with Lotus Flowers; River of Lotuses Female Indian -
Udyati Elevated Female Hindi -
Udyati Elevated Female Indian -
Ugbaad Roses Female Arabic -
Ugra Terrible; Powerful Female Indian -
Ugrakali Fierce and Black; Goddess Durga in Her Dreadful Form Female Indian -
Ugrata Violence; Passion; Anger Female Indian -
Uhana Brighted Female Indian -
Uhud Commitment, pledge, delegation Female Arabic -
Uhud Commitment, pledge, delegation Female Muslim -
Ujaala One who Radiates the Light Female Indian -
Ujala Light of the universe. Female Arabic -
Ujala Lighting Female Indian -
Ujala Light of the universe Female Muslim -
Ujana youth Female Filipino -
Ujas Bright Female Indian -
Ujhala Light Female Assemese -
Ujhala Light Female Indian -
Ujithra Light Female Indian -
Ujjaini Rising Female Indian -
Ujjala Bright Female Indian -
Ujjanini An Ancient City Female Indian -
Ujjayati One who has Won; Victorious Female Indian -
Ujjayini An Ancient City Female Bengali -
Ujjayini An Ancient City Female Indian -
Ujjesha Victorious Female Indian -
Ujjiti Victory Female Indian -
Ujjivati Brought to Life; Full of Life; Optimist Female Indian -
Ujjivyati Restored to Life Female Indian -
Ujjwal bright Female Assemese -
Ujjwal bright Female Bengali -
Ujjwala Bright, Lustrous Female Bengali -
Ujjwala Female Hindu -
Ujjwala Bright; Lustrous Female Indian -
Ujjwalkeerti Bright Female Indian -
Ujvala Bright; Lighted Female Hindi -
Ujvala Bright; Lighted Female Indian -
Ujvalata Splendour; Radiant; Beauty; Clarity Female Indian -
Ujvalita Lighted; Shining Female Indian -
Ujwala Bright; Lustrous Female Assemese -
Ujwala Bright; Lustrous Female Bengali -
Ujwala Bright Female Indian -
Ujwani He who Wins the Struggle; Victorious Female Indian -
Ukshana N/A Female Indian -
Ukta Addressed; Said Female Indian -
Ukti Part of Speech Female Indian -
Ukulaa Skiing; Femiane of Ukulee Female Indian -
Ula Uppermost, highest Female Arabic -
Ula Sea jewel. Female Celtic -
Ula sea jewel, inherited estate Female Celtic, Old-German -
Ula jewel of the sea Female Filipino -
Ula Uppermost, highest Female Muslim -
Ulagammal Mother of the World Female Indian -
Ulai Strength, fool, senseless. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical -
Ulan first born of twins Female Filipino -
Ulani cheerful Female Filipino -
Ulapa Lustre; Brightness Female Indian -
Ulasa N/A Female Indian -
Uldwyna Special friend. Female English -
Ulfah Affection, intimacy Female Arabic -
Ulfah Harmony, intimacy Female Muslim -
Ulfhildr Female Scandinavian -
Ulhasini Bright; Lighted Female Indian -
Uli Mistress of all. Female German -
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