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Popular Baby Names starting with Z for female

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Zaaei Name of a Flower in Marathi Female Indian
Zaafira Victorious; Successful Female Indian
Zaahirah Guest Female Arabic
Zaahirah Guest Female Muslim
Zaanannim Movings, a person asleep. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical
Zaara Beautiful Flower. Female Arabic
Zaara N/A Female Indian
Zaara Beautiful Flower Female Muslim
Zaba she who offers a sacrifice to God Female Hebrew
Zabby God is my oath Female Filipino
Zabel God is my oath Female Armenian
Zabel God is my oath Female Filipino
Zabrina Form of Sabrina: a princess. Female English
Zabrina Latin for the river Severn, England Female Filipino
Zaccai Pure meat, just. Female Biblical
Zachni Most Beautiful Dancer Female Indian
Zada lucky one Female Syrian
Zaeemah Leader Female Arabic
Zaeemah Leader Female Muslim
Zafeera Victorius, successful Female Arabic
Zafeerah Firm. Female Arabic
Zafeerah Firm Female Muslim
Zafira Successful, winner Female Arabic
Zafirah Victorious Female Arabic
Zafirah Victorious Female Muslim
Zafirah, Zaafirah Victorious, successful Female Muslim
Zafreen Victorious, Knowledgable Female Arabic
Zaghlula Small pigeon Female Arabic
Zagros sweet, feminine Female Unknown
Zaha Radiance, splendor Female Arabic
Zahabiya Gold. Female Arabic
Zahabiya Gold Female Muslim
Zahar daybreak; dawn Female Hebrew
Zahara Blossom Female African
Zahara shining, luminous Female Arabic
Zahara Day break Female Hebrew
Zahara Flower, beauty, star Female Muslim
Zahavah Golden Female Hebrew
Zahbia Beautiful Female Indian
Zaheeda Beautiful Female Indian
Zaheen Intelligent Female Arabic
Zaheen Intelligent Female Muslim
Zaheera Shining; Brilliant; Luminous Female Indian
Zaheerah Helper, Assistant Female Arabic
Zaheerah Helper, Assistant Female Muslim
Zahida Pious, abstinent Female Arabic
Zahida Beautiful Female Indian
Zahidah Abstinent Female Arabic
Zahidah Ascetic, abstentious Female Muslim
Zahira Radiant, dazzling Female Arabic
Zahira Shining; Luminous Female Indian
Zahirah Shining, luminous Female Arabic
Zahirah Shining, luminous Female Muslim
Zahirah, Zahra Shining, luminous Female Muslim
Zahiya Beautiful, bright faced Female Arabic
Zahiya Beautiful; Bright Face Female Indian
Zahra White. Female Afghan
Zahra Flowering. (Swahili). Female African
Zahra Beautiful Female Arabic
Zahra white, flowers Female Arabic, Swahili
Zahra Flower. Female Egyptian
Zahra Fair Skinned Female Hindi
Zahra Beautiful; Fair Female Indian
Zahra Beautiful Female Muslim