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Popular Baby Names starting with L for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
strength Male Chinese -
L…nh peaceful Male Vietnamese -
L'Angley Englishman. Male French -
László might, fame Male Hungarian -
Lél bugler Male Hungarian -
Lõrinc Laurentian Male Hungarian -
Laabh Profit Male Indian -
Laabha Acquirement; Acquisition; Gain Male Indian -
Laal Lovely; Beloved; Dear One; Red Colour Male Indian -
Laalamani Ruby Male Indian -
Laalit Loved; Pampered Male Indian -
Laalitya N/A Male Indian -
Laasya Smile Male Indian -
Laavanya Beauty Male Indian -
Labaka Melodious Sounds Male Indian -
Laban White Male Hebrew -
Labeeb Understanding, Sensible, Intelligent Male Arabic -
Labeeb Sensible; Intelligent Male Indian -
Labeeb Understanding, Sensible, Intelligent Male Muslim -
Label lion Male Hebrew -
Labh Gain Male Indian -
Labhruinn Laurel. Male Gaelic -
Labhsha N/A Male Indian -
Labib Sensible, intelligent Male Arabic -
Labib Sensible; Intelligent Male Indian -
Labib Sensible, intelligent Male Muslim -
Labib, Labeeb Sensible, intelligent Male Muslim -
Labid A Companion Male Indian -
Lablab Ivy Male Muslim -
Laborc brave panther Male Hungarian -
Labuki Musical Instrument Male Indian -
Lach Lives near water. Male English -
Lachan N/A Male Indian -
Lache Lives near water. Male English -
lachimo 'Cymbeline' An Italian friend to Philario. Male Shakespearean -
Lachlan Warlike. Land of Fjords (referring to the Vikings). From the land of lakes. Male Scottish -
Lachlann From Scandinavia. Male Gaelic -
Lachman Younger Brother of Ram Male Indian -
Laci Famous ruler. Male Slavic -
Lacko Famous ruler. Male Slavic -
Laco Famous ruler. Male Czechoslovakian -
Lad Attendant. Male English -
Ladbroc Lives by the path by the brook. Male English -
Ladd Attendant. Male English -
Ladd young man Male Middle-English -
Ladde Attendant. Male English -
Ladislas Good ruler. Male Slavic -
Ladislav famous ruler Male Czech Ladislao, Ladislaw, Ladislaus
Ladomér trapper Male Hungarian -
Ladon Dragon of Hera. Male Greek -
Ladu King Male Indian -
Laec Lives near water. Male English -
Laefertun From the rush farm. Male English -
Laertes Male Greek -
Laertes 'Hamlet, Prince of Denmark' Son to Polonius, the Lord Chamberlain. Male Shakespearean -
Laestrygones A tribe of giants. Male Greek -
Lafayette Surname. At the age of 20 the French nobleman Marquis de Lafayette went to fight for four years in the American Revolution. Male French -
Lafeu 'All's Well That Ends Well.' An old lord. Male Shakespearean -
Lagan Appropriate Time Male Indian -
Laghu Lovely; Pure; Young Male Indian -
Laghun Quick Male Bengali -
Laghun Quick Male Indian -
Lagmann Lawyer. Male Norse -
Lagna The Ascendant or 1st House Male Indian -
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