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Popular Baby Names starting with R for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Ryley Island meadow Male Irish -
Ryman Rye merchant. Male English -
Ryn Ruler. Male Welsh -
Ryna King Male Indian -
Ryo excellent Male Japanese -
Ryoichi first son of Ryo Male Japanese -
Ryon Little king Male Irish -
Ryons A Welsh king. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Ryozo third son of Ryo Male Japanese -
Rypan Pain. Male Anglo -
Rysc Rush. Male English -
Ryscford Lives near the rush ford. Male English -
Ryszard Powerful ruler. Male German -
Ryton Rygetun - from the rye farm. Male English -
Ryuichi first son of Ryu Male Japanese -
Ryuji Dragon Man Male Japanese -
Ryung brightness Male Korean -
Ryzard Polish form of Richard 'strong ruler'. Male Polish -
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