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Popular Baby Names starting with X for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Xabat Savior. Male Spanish -
XabieF Owns a new house. Male Basque -
Xadrian created name Male Filipino -
Xakery a form of Zachary Male Filipino -
Xalbador Savior. Male Spanish -
Xalvador Savior. Male Spanish -
Xan Male Galician Xian, Xoan
Xana Lord of Tribunal Community Male Indian -
Xander defender of men Male Filipino -
Xander Splendid Male Indian -
Xanthus yellow Male Greek -
Xanti Male Basque -
Xanti short form of Xantiago Male Filipino -
Xanto golden Male Filipino -
Xarles man Male Filipino -
Xarles Manly. Male French -
Xavier bright, new house Male Arabic, Basque Xaver, Xever, Javier, Giaffar, Jaffar
Xavier Owns a new house. Male Basque -
Xavier the new house Male Filipino -
Xavier New House Male Indian -
Xavier Owns a new house. Male Spanish -
Xayadvirah Victorious over Enemies Male Indian -
Xeno Strange voice. Male Greek -
Xenon host, guest Male Filipino -
Xenon Variant of Cenon: Receiver of life from Zeus. Male Spanish -
Xenophon Strange voice. Male Greek -
Xenos host, guest Male Filipino -
Xenos stranger Male Greek -
Xenres Prince. Male Persian -
Xerxes ruler, king Male Filipino -
Xerxes Leaving. Male Greek -
Xerxes Famous Egyptian King Male Indian -
Xerxes prince Male Persian -
Xesus savior Male Hebrew -
Xetrapati Lord of the Body Male Indian -
Xever Owns a new house. Male Spanish -
Xhaiden created name, beam of cleansing light Male Filipino -
Xiang circling in the air (like a bird) Male Chinese -
Xiao Male Galician -
Xiaobo little wrestler Male Chinese -
Xiaojian little healthy Male Chinese -
Xiaosheng little birth Male Chinese -
Xiasheng little newborn Male Chinese -
Ximen obedient Male Spanish -
Ximenes Listening Intently Male Indian -
Ximon God is heard. Male Basque -
Ximun God is heard. Male Basque -
Xin new Male Chinese -
Xing arising Male Chinese -
Xiomar Famous in battle. Variant of Geomar. Male German -
Xiomar Famous in battle. Variant of Geomar. Male Italian -
Xitij The Earth and the Sky Meets Male Indian -
Xiu cultivated Male Chinese -
Xoan God is good Male Hebrew -
Xob persecuted, afflicted Male Hebrew -
Xorn Xorn is a fictional name which was created and used in the American comic, X-Man. The name was also used in the role-playing games, Dungeons and Dragons. It is not commonly used to name babies, except by fanatical X-Men or Dungeons fans. Male Filipino -
Xuan spring Male Vietnamese -
Xudas a form of Judas Male Hebrew -
Xue studious Male Chinese -
Xueqin snow-white celery Male Chinese -
Xueyou studious and friendly Male Chinese -
Xurxo Male Galician -
Xuthus Son of Helen. Male Greek -
Xuwicha excellent education Male Thai -
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