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Popular Baby Names , origin Anglo

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Cerdic Name of a saint. Male Anglo
Chad Merchant. Male Anglo
Chapman Name of a king. Male Anglo
Chelsea Port. Female Anglo
Chester Rocky fortress Male Anglo
Claennis Purity. Female Anglo
Clifford Ford near the cliff Male Anglo
Clive Cliff by the river Male Anglo
Clover Clover. Female Anglo
Cnut From the dark village. Male Anglo
Colby Chosen. Male Anglo
Corey Dweller by the dark... Male Anglo
Cosmo Order or harmony Male Anglo
Courtland Dweller by the dark... Male Anglo
Courtnay Dweller by the dark... Male Anglo
Courtney Dweller by the dark... Male Anglo
Coventina Name of a nymph. Female Anglo
Creighton Dweller by the rocks Male Anglo
Cwen Queen. Female Anglo
Cwene Queen. Female Anglo
Cyril Master or Lord Male Anglo
Cyst Best. Female Anglo
Daedbot Penance. Female Anglo
Dalston Judge. Male Anglo
Darel Tenderly loved. Female Anglo
Darelene Tenderly loved. Female Anglo
Darelle Tenderly loved. Female Anglo
Darlene Tenderly loved. Female Anglo
Darline Tenderly loved. Female Anglo
Daryl Tenderly loved. Female Anglo
Dawn Awakening. Female Anglo
Delbert Bright as day Male Anglo
Dell Hollow or valley Male Anglo
Deman From the Danish set... Male Anglo
Denby Danish. Male Anglo
Denisc Secret. Male Anglo
Denton Settlement in the valley Male Anglo
Derian Gracious defender. Male Anglo
Desmond From Devon. Male Anglo
Devon From Devon. Male Anglo
Devona Protector. Female Anglo
Devyn Dweller by the dark... Male Anglo
Diera From Diera. Female Anglo
Dohtor Daughter. Female Anglo
Don Mother goddess. Female Anglo
Dougal Dweller by the dark... Male Anglo
Douglas Trouble. Male Anglo
Drefan Warrior. Male Anglo
Dreng Suffers. Male Anglo
Dreogan Wise. Male Anglo
Drew Son of Drew. Male Anglo
Druce Dear friend. Male Anglo
Duke Leader Male Anglo
Durwin Dear friend. Male Anglo
Durwyn Name of a king. Male Anglo
Eacnung Bears children. Female Anglo
Eadbert Lucky spearman. Male Anglo
Eadgard Blessed. Male Anglo
Eadgyth Wife of Edward the ... Female Anglo
Eadig Wealthy friend. Male Anglo
Eadignes Bliss. Female Anglo
Eadlin Princess. Female Anglo
Eadlyn Guardian. Male Anglo
Eadward Valued. Male Anglo
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