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Popular Baby Names, origin Anglo

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Cerdic Name of a saint. Male Anglo -
Chad Merchant. Male Anglo -
Chapman Name of a king. Male Anglo -
Chelsea Port. Female Anglo -
Chester Rocky fortress Male Anglo -
Claennis Purity. Female Anglo -
Clifford Ford near the cliff Male Anglo -
Clive Cliff by the river Male Anglo -
Clover Clover. Female Anglo -
Cnut From the dark village. Male Anglo -
Colby Chosen. Male Anglo -
Corey Dweller by the dark... Male Anglo -
Cosmo Order or harmony Male Anglo -
Courtland Dweller by the dark... Male Anglo -
Courtnay Dweller by the dark... Male Anglo -
Courtney Dweller by the dark... Male Anglo -
Coventina Name of a nymph. Female Anglo -
Creighton Dweller by the rocks Male Anglo -
Cwen Queen. Female Anglo -
Cwene Queen. Female Anglo -
Cyril Master or Lord Male Anglo -
Cyst Best. Female Anglo -
Daedbot Penance. Female Anglo -
Dalston Judge. Male Anglo -
Darel Tenderly loved. Female Anglo -
Darelene Tenderly loved. Female Anglo -
Darelle Tenderly loved. Female Anglo -
Darlene Tenderly loved. Female Anglo -
Darline Tenderly loved. Female Anglo -
Daryl Tenderly loved. Female Anglo -
Dawn Awakening. Female Anglo -
Delbert Bright as day Male Anglo -
Dell Hollow or valley Male Anglo -
Deman From the Danish set... Male Anglo -
Denby Danish. Male Anglo -
Denisc Secret. Male Anglo -
Denton Settlement in the valley Male Anglo -
Derian Gracious defender. Male Anglo -
Desmond From Devon. Male Anglo -
Devon From Devon. Male Anglo -
Devona Protector. Female Anglo -
Devyn Dweller by the dark... Male Anglo -
Diera From Diera. Female Anglo -
Dohtor Daughter. Female Anglo -
Don Mother goddess. Female Anglo -
Dougal Dweller by the dark... Male Anglo -
Douglas Trouble. Male Anglo -
Drefan Warrior. Male Anglo -
Dreng Suffers. Male Anglo -
Dreogan Wise. Male Anglo -
Drew Son of Drew. Male Anglo -
Druce Dear friend. Male Anglo -
Duke Leader Male Anglo -
Durwin Dear friend. Male Anglo -
Durwyn Name of a king. Male Anglo -
Eacnung Bears children. Female Anglo -
Eadbert Lucky spearman. Male Anglo -
Eadgard Blessed. Male Anglo -
Eadgyth Wife of Edward the ... Female Anglo -
Eadig Wealthy friend. Male Anglo -
Eadignes Bliss. Female Anglo -
Eadlin Princess. Female Anglo -
Eadlyn Guardian. Male Anglo -
Eadward Valued. Male Anglo -
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