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Popular Baby Names, origin Arabic

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Ayesha Well of Female Arabic -
Ayham imaginary ,Brave Male Arabic -
Ayishah Youngest wife of the Prophet (pbuh) Female Arabic -
Ayman righthanded, lucky Male Arabic -
Aymen Sacred, Brave, Old name of Arabia. Female Arabic -
Ayra Respectable. Female Arabic -
Ayser Easy in dealing, wealthy Male Arabic -
Aysha The name of wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Female Arabic -
Ayshah Wife of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W). Female Arabic -
Ayub A prophet of Allah (swt) Male Arabic -
Ayyash Bread seller Male Arabic -
Ayyub A Prophets name (Job) Male Arabic -
Az-zahra Excellent and smart. Female Arabic -
Aza Comfort Male Arabic -
Azaan Call for the prayer. Male Arabic -
Azab Touring, travelling, wandering Male Arabic -
Azad Freedom. Male Arabic -
Azadeh Princess. Female Arabic -
Azalea Democracy Female Arabic -
Azam The powerful one Male Arabic -
Azb Sweet Male Arabic -
Azeem Defender, referring to one of Gods ninety nine qualities Male Arabic -
Azeeza Dear, precious Female Arabic -
Azfer Leader. Male Arabic -
Azhaar Flowers Female Arabic -
Azhar Most shining, luminous Male Arabic -
Azim Greatest. Male Arabic -
Aziman Sky, heaven Female Arabic -
Aziz Powerful (dear) Male Arabic -
Azizah Esteemed, precious, cherished Female Arabic -
Azka Pious. Female Arabic -
Azlan Lion Male Arabic -
Azma Blessing of Allah Female Arabic -
Azmat Respect, honor. Male Arabic -
Azmina Beautiful, shining Female Arabic -
Azra Maiden, Pious, Woman. Female Arabic -
Azraq Blue, name of a companion of the Prophet. Male Arabic -
Azraqi An authority on the history of Makkah Male Arabic -
Azzah Young, female gazelle. Female Arabic -
Azzam Determined, resolved. Male Arabic -
Baahir Dazzling, Brilliant Male Arabic -
Baari One of the names of God Male Arabic -
Baariq shining, lighting, illuminating Male Arabic -
Baasha Don Male Arabic -
Baasim Smiling Male Arabic -
Baasit One who spreads or grants prosperity Male Arabic -
Babar King of Jungle, Lion heartedBrave Male Arabic -
Baber Courageous Lion Male Arabic -
Badeea Marvelous, admirable Female Arabic -
Badi Creator; inventor Male Arabic -
Badi al Zaman The marvel of time Male Arabic -
Badia Unprecedented, Admirable, Unique Female Arabic -
Badiah, Unprecedented, amazing, admirable, unique Female Arabic -
Badiy Novel, primal Male Arabic -
Badr Full moon Male Arabic -
Badr al Din Full moon of the faith Male Arabic -
Badr Uddeen Full moon of the Faith Male Arabic -
Badra Full moon Female Arabic -
Badri One who took part in the battle of Badr Male Arabic -
Badriyah Resembling the full moon Female Arabic -
Badriyya Full moon Female Arabic -
Baha Beautiful, magnificent Male Arabic -
Baha al Din Magnificence of the faith Male Arabic -
Bahaa Beauty, shining Female Arabic -
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