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Popular Baby Names, origin Assemese

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Godavri A River Female Assemese -
Gomati A River In India Female Assemese -
Gopesh Lord Krishna Male Assemese -
Gorma Goddess Parvati Female Assemese -
Goswamee Master Of Cows Male Assemese -
Gourab Happy; Pride Male Assemese -
Govindi A devotee of Lord krishna Female Assemese -
Gowshik The Perfect, Freedom, Happiness, Life Of Journey Male Assemese -
Grhalakshmi Lakshmi Of The House Female Assemese -
Grihalakshmi Lakshmi of the house Female Assemese -
Gudakesha The Archer Arjuna Male Assemese -
Gulfam The Colour Male Assemese -
Gulika Ball Female Assemese -
Gulzar A garden with flowers; Rose Garden; An inhabited town Male Assemese -
Gunagya Knower Of Virtues Male Assemese -
Gunalakshmi Lakshmi the virtuous Female Assemese -
Gunjana Buzzing Of A Bee Female Assemese -
Gurdayal Compassionate Guru Male Assemese -
Gurman Heart Of Guru Male Assemese -
Gurnam Name Of The Guru Male Assemese -
Gurpraveen Goddess of the stars Female Assemese -
Guru Teacher; Master; Priest Male Assemese -
Gurudatt Bestowed By A Guru Male Assemese -
Gurupada Servant of the Guru Male Assemese -
Gyandeep Lamp Of Knowledge Male Assemese -
Gyani Full of knowledge; intelligent Female Assemese -
Haleema Gentle; Patient Female Assemese -
Hanan Mercy Female Assemese -
Hansaraj King Of A Swan Male Assemese -
Hansaveni Another name for Saraswathi Female Assemese -
Hansin The Universal Soul Male Assemese -
Hanuman The Monkey God Of Ramayana Male Assemese -
Hanumanta Puffy Cheeks Male Assemese -
Hara The Remover Of Sins Male Assemese -
Haribala Daughter Of Lord Vishnu Female Assemese -
Hariharaputra Son of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva) Male Assemese -
Harikanth Dear To Indra Male Assemese -
Harini Deer Female Assemese -
Harivilaas the abode of Hari Male Assemese -
Harjeet Victorious Male Assemese -
Harley Lanky Cow Female Assemese -
Harmendra The Moon Male Assemese -
Harshad Happy; One who gives pleasure Male Assemese -
Harshada Giver of joy Female Assemese -
Harshavardhan Creator Of Joy Male Assemese -
Harshita happy Female Assemese -
Harshul Deer Male Assemese -
Hasanthi One that delights Female Assemese -
Hasita Happy Female Assemese -
Havisa Lakshmi Female Assemese -
Heerkani small diamond Female Assemese -
Hemachandra Golden Moon Male Assemese -
Hemadri Golden hills Female Assemese -
Hemali Coated With Gold Female Assemese -
Hemamdar Golden Creeper Male Assemese -
Hemanga Common Name Male Assemese -
Hemangini girl with golden body Female Assemese -
Hemanth Gold Male Assemese -
Hemaprabha golden light Female Assemese -
Hemavati Goddess Parvati, Ganga Female Assemese -
Hemavatinandan Son Of Goddess Parvati Male Assemese -
Hemdev Lord Of Wealth Male Assemese -
Hemendra Lord of Gold Male Assemese -
Hemish Lord Of The Earth Male Assemese -
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