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Popular Baby Names , origin Chinese

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Quon bright Male Chinese
Renshu benevolent forbearance Male Chinese
Renxiang benevolent fragrance Female Chinese
Rong martial Female Chinese
Rou gentle; mild Female Chinese
Ru scholar Male Chinese
Ruolan like an orchid Female Chinese
Ruomei like a plum Female Chinese
Shaiming life; sunshine Male Chinese
Shan mountain Male Chinese
Shanyuan mountain source Male Chinese
Shen spiritual, deep-thinking Male Chinese
Shi horizontal bar on a carriage Male Chinese
Shing victory Male Chinese
Shirong scholarly honor Male Chinese
Shl¡n intellectual Male Chinese
Shoi-Ming life of sunshine Male Chinese
Shu fair Female Chinese
Shuang frank; open-hearted Female Chinese
Shun smooth Female Chinese
Shunyuan follow to the source Male Chinese
Siyu thinking of the world Male Chinese
Song pine tree Female Chinese
Sueh-Y‚n continuity; harmonious Male Chinese
Suyin unadorned sound Female Chinese
Sying star Male Chinese
Taiwan island dweller Male Chinese
Tao peach Female Chinese
Tao peach, symbol of long life Male Chinese
Tengfei soaring high Male Chinese
Ting graceful Female Chinese
Tingzhe may the court be wise Male Chinese
Tu jade Female Chinese
Tung all; universal Male Chinese
Ushi ox; a sign in the zodiac Female Chinese
Wang hope; wish Male Chinese
Weici preserving love Female Chinese
Weimin greatness to the people Male Chinese
Weisheng greatness is born Male Chinese
Weiyuan preserving depth Male Chinese
Wen refinement Female Chinese
Wencheng refinement accomplished Male Chinese
Wenqian refined madder (the herb) Female Chinese
Wenyan refined and virtuous Male Chinese
Wing glory Male Chinese
Wuzhou five continents Male Chinese
Xiang fragrant Female Chinese
Xiang circling in the air (like a bird) Male Chinese
Xiaobo little wrestler Male Chinese
Xiaodan little dawn Female Chinese
Xiaofan little ordinary Female Chinese
Xiaohui little wisdom Female Chinese
Xiaojian little healthy Male Chinese
Xiaojing morning luxuriance Female Chinese
Xiaolian little lotus Female Chinese
Xiaoling morning tinkle Female Chinese
Xiaosheng little birth Female Chinese
Xiaosheng little birth Male Chinese
Xiaotong morning redness Female Chinese
Xiaowen morning cloud coloring Female Chinese
Xiaozhi little iris Female Chinese
Xiasheng little newborn Male Chinese
Xin new Male Chinese
Xing arising Male Chinese
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