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Popular Baby Names, origin Dutch

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Theodorus Gift from God. Male Dutch -
Tiebout Bold. Male Dutch -
Tryne pure Female Dutch -
Van from, of Both Dutch Von
Van Of. The Dutch equivalent of 'de' in French names. Some early immigrants to America who dropped this prefix from their surnames converted it to a given name. Female Dutch -
Van Equivalent of 'de' in French names. Van was sometimes converted from a surname prefix to a given name by early immigrants to America. Male Dutch -
Van Aken From Aachen. Male Dutch -
Van Ness Of the headland. Male Dutch -
Vandenberg From the hill. Male Dutch -
Vanderbilt From the hill. Male Dutch -
Vanderpool From the pool. Male Dutch -
Ven Of. Male Dutch -
Verbnigge From the bridge. Male Dutch -
Vogel Bird. Male Dutch -
Vromme Wise. Male Dutch -
Vsn Eych From the osk. Male Dutch -
Vsnderveer From the ferry. Male Dutch -
Vsndyke From the dike. Male Dutch -
Wagner wagon driver Male Dutch -
Wevers Weaver. Male Dutch -
Wigburg Young. Female Dutch -
Wilhelmina Resolute protector. Feminine variant of William. Female Dutch -
Willem Resolute protector; will. Male Dutch -
Wilma Resolute protector. Feminine variant of William. Female Dutch -
Wit White. Male Dutch -
Woudman Forester. Male Dutch -
Zeeman Sea man. Male Dutch -
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