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Popular Baby Names, origin Egyptian

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Moses Son. In the bible, Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt in search of the promised land. In a different biblical story, when Moses came down from the mount, he brought with him the Ten Commandments given to him by God for mankind to follow. Male Egyptian -
Moshe Variant of Moses: Son. Male Egyptian -
Mosi Born first. Female Egyptian -
Mosi First born. Male Egyptian -
Moss Variant of Moses: Son. Male Egyptian -
Moswen White. Female Egyptian -
Moswen Light skin. Male Egyptian -
Msamaki Fish. Male Egyptian -
Msrah Sixth born. Male Egyptian -
Mudads Provider. Male Egyptian -
Mukamutara Daughter of Mutara. Female Egyptian -
Mukantagara Born during war. Female Egyptian -
Mukarramma Revered. Female Egyptian -
Mukhwsna Twin. Male Egyptian -
Muminah Pious. Female Egyptian -
Musa Of the water. Male Egyptian -
Musim Believer. Male Egyptian -
Mut Mythical mother. Female Egyptian -
Nabirye Mother of twins. Female Egyptian -
Naeem Benevoent. Male Egyptian -
Naeemah Benevolent. Female Egyptian -
Nailah Successful. Female Egyptian -
Narmer Name of a king. Male Egyptian -
Nashwa wonderful feeling Female Egyptian Nashy
Nassor Victor. Male Egyptian -
Nathifa Pure. Female Egyptian -
Naunet Mythical goddess of the ocean. Female Egyptian -
Neb er tcher God of the universe. Male Egyptian -
Nebt het Mythical nature goddess. Female Egyptian -
Neema Born to wealthy parents. Female Egyptian -
Nefertari Name of a queen. Female Egyptian -
Nefertiti Name of a queen. Female Egyptian -
Nefertum God worshipped in Memphis. Male Egyptian -
Neith The divine mother. Female Egyptian -
Nekhbet Mythical vulture goddess. Female Egyptian -
Nephthys Mythical nature goddess daughter of Nut and Geb. Female Egyptian -
Net The divine mother. Female Egyptian -
Ngozi Blessed. Male Egyptian -
Nile From the Nile. Female Egyptian -
Niu God of nothingness. Male Egyptian -
Niut Mythical goddess of nothingness. Female Egyptian -
Nizsm Disriplined. Male Egyptian -
Nkosi Rules. Male Egyptian -
Nkrumsh Ninth born. Male Egyptian -
Nkuku Rooster. Male Egyptian -
Nourbese Wonderful. Female Egyptian -
Nubia From Nubia. Female Egyptian -
Nun God of the ocean. Male Egyptian -
Nuru Born during the day. Female Egyptian -
Nuru Born during the day. Male Egyptian -
Nut Mythical sky goddess. Female Egyptian -
Oba King. Male Egyptian -
Ode From the road. Female Egyptian -
Odion Born of twins. Male Egyptian -
OJufemi Beloved of the gods. Female Egyptian -
Okpara First born. Male Egyptian -
Olabisi Brings joy. Female Egyptian -
Olufemi Beloved of the gods. Female Egyptian -
Omari High born. Male Egyptian -
Omorose Beautiful. Female Egyptian -
Oni Wanted. Female Egyptian -
Onuris Brings back the distant one. Male Egyptian -
Osahar God hears me. Male Egyptian -
Osaze Loved by God. Male Egyptian -
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