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Popular Baby Names , origin Indian

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Zehaan Super Abundance Male Indian
Zehba Gold Female Indian
Zelda The Strong Jackass Female Indian
Zena Fame; News; Ethiopian; One who is Famous; Welcoming; Hospitable; Power of Zeus; Belonging to Zeus; Guest; Stranger; Woman; Beautiful Ornament Female Indian
Zenda Beautiful Female Indian
Zenia Hospitable; Welcoming Female Indian
Zenisha Most Beautiful Female Indian
Zenobia Given Life by Zeus; Power of Zeus Female Indian
Zenoushka Little Maid Female Indian
Zerah Rising of Light Female Indian
Zereen Golden Male Indian
Zerelda Brave Warrior Woman Female Indian
Zerina N/A Female Indian
Zeus God Male Indian
Zev Deer; Wolf Male Indian
Zeven Independent; Identical Male Indian
Zevesh Strong; Powerful Male Indian
Zevie Deer; Wolf Male Indian
Zeynap Name of Prophet Mohhamad's Child Female Indian
Zheel Falling of Water Female Indian
Zia Enlightened Female Indian
Zia Light; Splendor; Enlightened; Grain Male Indian
Ziana Bold Female Indian
Ziare N/A Male Indian
Zikomo Thanksgiving Male Indian
Zikshita Prideful Female Indian
Zila Shadow; Flower Female Indian
Zila Shadow or Shade Male Indian
Zimaan Respected for Every One Male Indian
Zina Best Female Indian
Zinat Beauty; Adornment; Ornamentation Female Indian
Zion Sign Male Indian
Zisyarupin Having the Appearance of a Scholar Male Indian
Zita Theresa; Harvest; Seeker; Virgin; Patron of Housewives and Servants; Flower Name; Little Hope Female Indian
Zitien Little Shinning Spark Male Indian
Zitin Brightly Shining Star Male Indian
Ziva Brillance; Brightness; A Glow; Splendor Male Indian
Ziven Full of Life; Vigorous and Alive Male Indian
Ziya Enlightened Female Indian
Ziya Splendour Male Indian
Ziyad Abundance Male Indian
Zobhana Brilliant Male Indian
Zoey Life Female Indian
Zoha Morning Light Female Indian
Zohaib Leader; King Male Indian
Zohra Love Female Indian
Zohra Blooming; Jupiter Male Indian
Zola Lump of Earth Male Indian
Zoon Moon Female Indian
Zoongaash Moon Light Female Indian
Zora Dawn; Dawn's Light Female Indian
Zoravar Powerfull Male Indian
Zoya Shining Female Indian
Zoysa Unique Female Indian
Zravasya Fame; Glory Male Indian
Zrimat Charming; Lovely; Pleasant; Splendid Male Indian
Zubair Strong; Inquisitive Male Indian
Zubeen N/A Male Indian
Zuber Brave Male Indian
Zubhatmaka Charming Male Indian
Zubin Smart Male Indian
Zubira Pure as Spring Female Indian
Zueinah Lucky Number; Stone; Metal; Color Female Indian
Zueinah Lucky Male Indian
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