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Popular Baby Names, origin Italian

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Rozalia Rose. Female Italian -
Rufina Red haired. Female Italian -
Ruggero Italian form of Roger 'famous spear'. Male Italian -
Sabrina From the border. Female Italian -
Sal Diminutive of Salvatore: Savior. Male Italian -
Salvatore Savior. Famous Bearer: Surrealist artist Salvador Dali. Male Italian -
Salvatorio Savior. Male Italian -
Sancia Holy. Female Italian -
Sandro Abbreviation of Alexander 'defender of man.'. Male Italian -
Santino Little saint. Male Italian -
Santo a saint Male Italian Santos
Savino Of the Sabines. Male Italian -
Sebastiana Feminine form of Sebastiano: revered. Female Italian -
Sebastiano Italian form of Sebastian 'revered'. Male Italian -
Sebastiene Feminine form of Sebastiano: revered. Female Italian -
Serafina From the seraph. Female Italian -
Serena Serene. Female Italian -
Sergio Attendant. Male Italian -
Sidonia from Sidonia Female Italian -
Sienna reddish brown Female Italian -
Silvio Silver. Male Italian -
Simona Italian form of Simone: one who hears. Female Italian -
Speranza Hope. Female Italian -
Stansie Constant. Female Italian -
Stefano Italian form of Stephen 'crowned with laurels'. Male Italian -
Stephano Crown; wreath. Variant of Stephen. Male Italian -
Susanna Variant of Hebrew Susannah. Female Italian -
Taddeo courageous, one who praises Male Italian -
Tancredo of thoughtful counsel Male Italian Tancrede
Tazia Abbreviation of Anastasia: one who will be reborn. Female Italian -
Teodora Gift from God. Female Italian -
Teodoro God given. Male Italian -
Teresa Harvester. Female Italian -
Teresina Variant of Theresa which is a popular saint's name of uncertain meaning. Female Italian -
Terza Born third. Female Italian -
Tessa countess Female Italian -
Tiberia From the Tiber. Female Italian -
Tiberio From the Tiber. Male Italian -
Tito Giant. Male Italian -
Tommaso Italian form of Thomas 'twin'. Male Italian -
Torre Tower. Male Italian -
Traviata Astray. Female Italian -
Trilby one who sings musical thrills Female Italian -
Trillare Sings with trills. Female Italian -
Trista Sad. Female Italian -
Ugo Bright in mind and spirit Male Italian -
Uso Intelligent. Male Italian -
Valente Strong. Variant of Valentinus; the name of more than 50 saints and three Roman emperors. Male Italian -
Valentina Brave. Female Italian -
Valentino Brave or strong. Male Italian -
Valeria 'Strong; valiant. Female Italian -
Valerio Brave or strong. Male Italian -
Varanese Female Italian -
Vedetta Guardian. Female Italian -
Vedette Guardian. Female Italian -
Venetia from Venice Female Italian -
Verona From Verona (Italian City). Female Italian -
Vincenzio Victor. Male Italian -
Vincenzo Conquering. Male Italian -
Violet Flower. Female Italian -
Violetta Flower. Female Italian -
Virginia Pure. Female Italian -
Vitale Life. Male Italian -
Vito Victor. Male Italian -
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