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Popular Baby Names , origin Korean

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Seung successor, winning Male Korean
Shik planting Female Korean
Shik planting Male Korean
Shin belief Female Korean
Shin belief Male Korean
So smile Female Korean
So smile Male Korean
Soo excellence, long-life Female Korean
Soo excellence; long life Male Korean
Sook pure Female Korean
Sook light; clear Male Korean
Soon-Bok gentle and blessed Female Korean
Suck hardness Female Korean
Suck hardness Male Korean
Suck-Chin solid foundation Male Korean
Suk rock; stone Male Korean
Sun goodness Female Korean
Sun-Hi good; joyful Female Korean
Sung successor; winning Female Korean
Sung completed; finished Male Korean
U gentleness Male Korean
Whan enlargement Female Korean
Whan enlargement Male Korean
Won-Shik head of root Male Korean
Wook dawn; rising sun Male Korean
Woong magnificence Female Korean
Woong magnificence Male Korean
Yeo mildness Male Korean
Yon lotus blossom Female Korean
Yon lotus blossom Male Korean
Yong brave or perpetual Female Korean
Yong brave or perpetual Male Korean
Yong-sun dragon in first position Male Korean
Yoon allow; consent Female Korean
Young forever; unchanging Male Korean
Young-Il most prosperous Female Korean
Young-Jae mountains of prosperity Male Korean
Young-Soo keeping prosperity Male Korean
Young-Soon flowery and mild Female Korean
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