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Popular Baby Names, origin Korean

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Seung successor, winning Male Korean -
Shik planting Female Korean -
Shik planting Male Korean -
Shin belief Female Korean -
Shin belief Male Korean -
So smile Female Korean -
So smile Male Korean -
Soo excellence, long-life Female Korean -
Soo excellence; long life Male Korean -
Sook pure Female Korean -
Sook light; clear Male Korean -
Soon-Bok gentle and blessed Female Korean -
Suck hardness Female Korean -
Suck hardness Male Korean -
Suck-Chin solid foundation Male Korean -
Suk rock; stone Male Korean -
Sun goodness Female Korean -
Sun-Hi good; joyful Female Korean -
Sung successor; winning Female Korean -
Sung completed; finished Male Korean -
U gentleness Male Korean -
Whan enlargement Female Korean -
Whan enlargement Male Korean -
Won-Shik head of root Male Korean -
Wook dawn; rising sun Male Korean -
Woong magnificence Female Korean -
Woong magnificence Male Korean -
Yeo mildness Male Korean -
Yon lotus blossom Female Korean -
Yon lotus blossom Male Korean -
Yong brave or perpetual Female Korean -
Yong brave or perpetual Male Korean -
Yong-sun dragon in first position Male Korean -
Yoon allow; consent Female Korean -
Young forever; unchanging Male Korean -
Young-Il most prosperous Female Korean -
Young-Jae mountains of prosperity Male Korean -
Young-Soo keeping prosperity Male Korean -
Young-Soon flowery and mild Female Korean -
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