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Popular Baby Names , origin Muslim

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Sanaullah Worshiper of Allah Male Muslim
Sanawbar A cone-bearing tree, fir, Pine Male Muslim
Sanika Strong minded, warm hearted Female Muslim
Saniyah Resplendence, brilliance Female Muslim
Sanjeedah Serious Female Muslim
Saqer Falcon Male Muslim
Saqib Shining Star Male Muslim
Saqr Falcon Male Muslim
Sara Princess Female Muslim
Sarab Mirage Male Muslim
Sarah Name of the wife of the Prophet Ibrahim Female Muslim
Saree, Sari Noble Male Muslim
Sarfaraz King Male Muslim
Sarfraz Person sitting at a high place Male Muslim
Sarim Lion, brave, big hearted Male Muslim
Sarina Peace Female Muslim
Sarish Morning Female Muslim
Sariyah Clouds at night; name of a companion of the Prophet Male Muslim
Sarmad Eternity Male Muslim
Sarosh Angel Male Muslim
Sarra She was a female companion Female Muslim
Sarrinah Beautiful, companion of prophet (S.A.W) Female Muslim
Sarwar Chief, leader, Joy, Delight Male Muslim
Sarwari Chief Female Muslim
Sarwat Wealth, Power, Influence Female Muslim
Sarwath Wealth, riches Female Muslim
Sati Shining, bright Male Muslim
Saud Fortunate Male Muslim
Sauda, Sawdah Wife of the Prophet Female Muslim
Sawa Equal, same Male Muslim
Sawad Blackness, Skill Male Muslim
Sawdah A wife of the Prophet (S.A.W) Female Muslim
Sawlat Influence, commanding, personality, awe Male Muslim
Sawsan Lily of the valley Female Muslim
Sawwaf Wool Stapler, Wool Dealer Male Muslim
Sayf Sword Male Muslim
Sayfiyy Concerning sword Male Muslim
Sayhan Flowing Male Muslim
Sayid Lord, Master Male Muslim
Sayyar Mobile, Constantly on the move Male Muslim
Sayyid Master Male Muslim
Sayyida Lady Female Muslim
Sayyidah Lady, woman Female Muslim
Seema Mien, Expression, Countenance Male Muslim
Seemeen Name of some women Female Muslim
Seerat Inner beauty, fame Female Muslim
Sehr Sunrise Female Muslim
Sehrish The sunrise Female Muslim
Seif Sword Male Muslim
Selina Moon, Salty Female Muslim
Senada Graceful, heavenly Female Muslim
Senait Good Luck Female Muslim
Shaaban Eighth Islamic month Male Muslim
Shaaf One who gives health Male Muslim
Shabaan Islamic Month Male Muslim
Shabab Youth Male Muslim
Shabah Resembling Male Muslim
Shaban Eighth month of the Muslim lunar calendar Male Muslim
Shabana Famous Female Muslim
Shabb Young Male Muslim
Shabbeer Appellation of Imam Husayn (RA) Male Muslim
Shabeeh Resembling Male Muslim
Shabeehah Picture, Image, Like Female Muslim
Shabib A scholar who wrote about Quran Male Muslim
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