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Popular Baby Names , origin Muslim

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Taybah Pure Female Muslim
Taymullah Servant of God Male Muslim
Taymur Brave strong Male Muslim
Taysir Ease Male Muslim
Tayyab Clean Male Muslim
Tayyib Good or delicate Male Muslim
Tayyibah Good, pleasant, agreeable Female Muslim
Tazeem Honor, Respect Male Muslim
Tazim Respect Female Muslim
Tazkia Special, Unique Female Muslim
Tazmeen One having good qualities, nature & habits Female Muslim
Tehzeeb Respect Female Muslim
Thabit Firm Male Muslim
Thabitah Firm Female Muslim
Thaman Price, Worth Male Muslim
Thamar Fruit, Outcome Male Muslim
Thamer, Thamir Fruitful, productive Male Muslim
Thaminah Precious, generous Female Muslim
Thana Thankfulness, praise Female Muslim
Thana, Thanaa Thankfulness, commendation, praise Female Muslim
Thaqaf To surpass in skill Male Muslim
Thaqib Shooting Star Male Muslim
Thara Wealth Female Muslim
Thara, Tharaa Wealth Female Muslim
Tharwah Wealth Female Muslim
Tharwat Wealth, Fortune, riches Male Muslim
Tharya Name of a pious woman Female Muslim
Thashin Acclaim Female Muslim
Thauban Two garments Male Muslim
Thawab Reward Male Muslim
Thawab Reward Female Muslim
Thawban Name of a companion of the Prophet Male Muslim
Thayer Rebel Male Muslim
Thoraya Star Female Muslim
Thubaytah She was among the early Muhajirs to Madina and a distinguished woman comapnion, daughter of Yaar bin Zayd al-Ansariyah Female Muslim
Thufailah Elegant with good respect for her elders Female Muslim
Thumamah Millet (Plant) Male Muslim
Thuml Name of an early distinguished woman Female Muslim
Thuraiya, Thurayya Star, constellation Pleiades Female Muslim
Thurayya Star Female Muslim
Thuwaibah, Thuwaybah Deserving of Gods reward; name of a female companion of the Prophet Female Muslim
Thuwaybah Name of one of the wet-nurses of the Prophet (S.A.W) Female Muslim
Tibah Goodness, kindness Female Muslim
Tihami A title of the Prophet (S.A.W) Male Muslim
Tisha One who is active, lively Female Muslim
Tobias Born with a Star Male Muslim
Tooba Good news Male Muslim
Tuba The name of a tree in heaven Female Muslim
Tuba, Tubaa Blessedness, beautitude Female Muslim
Tufayl Baby Male Muslim
Tufaylah This was the name of the freed slave of al-Waleed bin Abdullah; she transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah (R.A) Female Muslim
Tulayb Concerning a) seeker, or one eho covets Male Muslim
Tulayhah She was a narrator of Hadith Female Muslim
Tumadur Old Arabic name Female Muslim
Tuqa, Tuqaa Heedfulness of God Female Muslim
Turhan Of mercy Male Muslim
Ubab, Ubaab Waves, heavy rain Female Muslim
Ubadah Worship Male Muslim
Ubah Flower Female Muslim
Ubaid Faithful Male Muslim
Ubaidah, Ubaydah Servant of God Male Muslim
Ubayd Worshipper Male Muslim
Ubaydullah Servant of Allah Male Muslim
Ubayy One with high self esteem Male Muslim
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