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Popular Baby Names, origin Welsh

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
ArgIwydd Lord. Male Welsh -
ArgIwyddes Lady. Female Welsh -
Argoel Omen. Female Welsh -
Argraff Impression. Female Welsh -
Arial Vigorous. Female Welsh -
Arian Silver. Female Welsh -
Arian Silver. Derived from Greek Arion, mythological magic horse born to Poseidon and Demeter. Male Welsh -
Ariana Silver. Female Welsh -
Arianrhod Legendary daughter of Don. Female Welsh -
Ariene silvery Female Welsh -
Arlais From the temple. Female Welsh -
Armes Prophetess. Female Welsh -
Artaith Torment. Female Welsh -
Arthes She bear. Female Welsh -
Arthur Bear hero. Male Welsh -
Arthus bear hero, a rock Male Welsh Art, Arta, Arte, D'Artagnan
Arthwr Bear hero. Male Welsh -
Arval Cried over. Male Welsh -
Arvel Cried over. Male Welsh -
Arvil Cried over. Male Welsh -
Arwydd Sign. Female Welsh -
Arwystli Good advice; good counsel. Male Welsh -
Asgre Heart. Female Welsh -
Atgas Hateful. Female Welsh -
Avaon Legendary son of Talyessin. Male Welsh -
Awel Breeze. Female Welsh -
Awst Great. Male Welsh -
Awstin August. Male Welsh -
Badan Boar. Male Welsh -
Badden Boar. Male Welsh -
Baddon From Baddon. Male Welsh -
Baeddan Boar. Male Welsh -
Banon Queen. Female Welsh -
Banys Son of Harry. Male Welsh -
Barris Son of Harry. Male Welsh -
Beavan Variant of Bevan: Evan's son. Male Welsh -
Beaven Variant of Bevan: Evan's son. Male Welsh -
Beda Welsh form of Bede: name of a priest. Male Welsh -
Bedwyr Legendary son of Pedrawd. Male Welsh -
Bedyw Legendary son of Seithved. Male Welsh -
Beli Mawr Legendary brother in law of the Virgin Mary. Male Welsh -
Bendigeidfran Blessed raven. Male Welsh -
Berth Beautiful. Female Welsh -
Berth Legendary son of Cadwy. Male Welsh -
Berthog Wealthy. Female Welsh -
Berwyn White hair. Legendary son of Kerenhyr. Male Welsh -
Bettrys The Welsh form of the Latin Beatrix, meaning 'brings joy. Female Welsh -
Bevan Evan's son. Male Welsh -
Beven Youthful. Male Welsh -
Bevin Youthful. Male Welsh -
Bevon Variant of Bevan: Evan's son. Male Welsh -
Bevyn Youthful. Male Welsh -
Blathaon Legendary son of Mwrheth. Male Welsh -
Bleddyn Wolf hero. Male Welsh -
Bleidd Wolf. Male Welsh -
Blodwen White flower. Female Welsh -
Blodwyn White flower. Female Welsh -
Bowen Son of Owen. Male Welsh -
Brac Free. Male Welsh -
Brad Treason. Male Welsh -
Bradwen Legendary son of Moren. Male Welsh -
Bradwr Traitor. Male Welsh -
Braen Corrupt. Male Welsh -
Braith Freckled. Female Welsh -
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