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Popular Baby Names starting with C

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Candy Sweet Female Indian -
Candy Diminutive of Candida: Dazzling white. Bright, glowing white. Derived from the feminine of the Latin adjective meaning white. Famous bearer: George Bernard Shaw's 1898 play 'Candida'. Female Latin -
Candyce Variant of Candace: ancient hereditary title used by Ethiopian queens. Female English -
Canens Wife of Picus. Female Latin -
Canga Understanding; Wise Male Indian -
Cangadasa A Wise Devotee Male Indian -
Caniad Song. Female Welsh -
Canice Handsome Male Irish -
Canidius 'Antony and Cleopatra'. Lieutenant-General to Mark Antony. Male Shakespearean -
Canisa Very dear. Female Greek -
Canisa Very dear. Female Latin -
Canita a form of Carmen Female Hebrew -
Canna Renowned; Cane Male Indian -
Cannan Variant of Cannon: Church official. Male French -
Cannelita Garden. Female Italian -
Cannenta Healer. Female Latin -
Cannia Song. Female Latin -
Canning Variant of Cannon: Church official. Male French -
Cannon Church official. Male French -
Cannon Occupational Name; Official of the Church Male Indian -
Cannon Male Unknown Kannon, Canon
Canon Variant of Cannon: Church official. Male French -
Canowicakte Sioux name meaning forest hunter. Male Native-American -
Cant White. Male Welsh -
Cantabria From Cantabria. Female Latin -
Cantara small bridge Female Arabic -
Cantara Small bridge Female Muslim -
Canterbury 'King Henry V' Archbishop of Canterbury. Male Shakespearean -
Cantilena Song. Female Latin -
Cantrix Singer. Female Latin -
Canura With Thin Thighs Male Indian -
Canute Knot. Male Norse -
Canute knot Male Norwegian -
Canute Knot. Male Scandinavian -
Canute Hill. Male Teutonic -
Caoilfhinnn Slender and comely. Female Celtic -
Caoimhe gentleness, beauty, grace Female Celtic -
Caoimhe Lovely and charming Female Irish -
Caoimhghin Gentle. Male Celtic -
Caolabhuinn From the narrow river. Male Gaelic -
Caolaidhe Slender. Male Gaelic -
Caolaidhe Slender Male Irish -
Caolan Slender Male Irish -
Caomh Lovable Male Irish -
Caomhan Handsome. Male Gaelic -
Capala Swift; Lightning Female Indian -
Capala Swift; Lightning Male Indian -
Capaneus One of the attackers against Thebes. Male Greek -
Capek Little stork. Male Czechoslovakian -
Capeka Little stork. Female Czechoslovakian -
Capernaum The field of repentance, City of comfort. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Capers Male Unknown -
Caphis 'The Life of Timon of Athens' Timon's servant. Male Shakespearean -
Caphtor A sphere, buckle, or hand. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Capita A name referring to the Minerva. Female Latin -
Cappadocia From Cappadocia. Female Latin -
Cappadocia A sphere, buckle, or hand. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Cappi Luck. Male Italian -
Capri the goat Female Anglo-Saxon -
Caprice fanciful, unpredictable Female Italian -
Capta A name referring to the Minerva. Female Latin -
Captain He who is in charge. Male English -
Capucina Cape. Female French -
Capucine Cape. Female French -
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