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Popular Baby Names starting with D

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Durgesha Protector of Fort Male Indian -
Durgeshwari Goddess Durga Female Indian -
Durgeswar Lord of the Fort Male Indian -
Durgi One who Lives in a Fort Female Indian -
Durgila N/A Female Indian -
Duribabu N/A Male Indian -
Durijesh Moon Male Assemese -
Durijesh Moon Male Indian -
Durimuthu N/A Male Indian -
Durin A mythical dwarf. Male Norse -
Durja The Invincible Male Indian -
Durjan N/A Male Indian -
Durjaya difficult to conquer Male Hindu -
Durjaya Difficult to Conquer Male Indian -
Durjoy Moon Male Indian -
Durko Farmer. Male Czech -
Durlabha Rare; Ungettable Male Indian -
Durmada The False Pride Male Assemese -
Durmada The False Pride Male Bengali -
Durmada Male Hindu -
Durmada False Pride; Illusion Male Indian -
Durmarsa Difficult to Manage Male Indian -
Durmukha With a Foul Mouth; Abusive Male Indian -
Durokhshan Bright, shining. Male Afghan -
Duron Strong. Male French -
Duron a form of Deron Male Hebrew -
Durrah Pearl Female Muslim -
Durrah Companion of Prophet Muhammad Male Arabic -
Durrant Firm; enduring. Male English -
Durrant Firm; enduring. Male French -
Durrell Strong. Male English -
Durriken fortune-telling Male English -
Durriken He who forecasts. Male Gypsy -
Durril Gooseberry. Male Gypsy -
Durriya Expensive Pearl Female Indian -
Durriya Pearl Female Muslim -
Durriyah Shining, bright Female Arabic -
Durriyah Shining, bright Female Muslim -
Duru Draupadi; Wife of the Pandavas Female Indian -
Durundu N/A Male Indian -
Duruvan N/A Male Indian -
Durva Sacred grass Female Assemese -
Durva Sacred grass Female Bengali -
Durva Sacred Grass Female Indian -
Durva Heavenly Grass Male Indian -
Durvaasaa N/A Male Indian -
Durvank Gifted Friend Male Indian -
Durvarana N/A Male Indian -
Durvartu Irresistible Male Indian -
Durvasa N/A Male Indian -
Durvasas Badly Clad Male Indian -
Durvesh Shehnai Male Indian -
Durvidhi Visible Female Indian -
Durvigaha N/A Male Indian -
Durvisa N/A Male Indian -
Durvisaha Difficult to Be Supported; Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Durvish Who Cannot Be Affected by Poison Male Indian -
Durward Gatekeeper. Male English -
Durward gatekeeper Male Old-English Durwood, Durwald, Durwin, Derwood
Durwin Dear friend. Male Anglo -
Durwin Variant of Derwin: Good friend. Male English -
Durwin Best Friend Male Indian -
Durwyn Name of a king. Male Anglo -
Durwyn Friend of the deer. Male English -
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