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Popular Baby Names starting with E

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Eugenius Noble. Male Dutch -
Eugenius Variant of Eugene: Well born. Male Greek -
Eugina Wellborn. Feminine of Eugene. Female Greek -
Eugine well born Male Filipino -
Eui righteousness Female Korean -
Eukakio Steady. Male Hawaiian -
Eukepio Worships well. Male Hawaiian -
Eula Sweet-spoken. Female Greek -
Eulah Sweet-spoken. Female Greek -
Eulalia fair of speech Female Greek -
Eulalie French form of the Greek Eulalia, meaning sweetly speaking, well - spoken. Female French -
Eulalie Variant of Eulalia: Sweetly speaking, sweet-spoken. Female Greek -
Eulallia Well spoken. Female Greek -
Eulia Sweet-spoken. Female Greek -
Eulycleia Nurse of Odysseus. Female Greek -
Eumaeus A swineherd who fought with Odysseus. Male Greek -
Eumann Rich protector. Male Scottish -
Eun silver Female Korean -
Eun-Kyung graceful gem Female Korean -
Eunice victorious Female Greek Eunyce, Unice
Eunomia Order. Female Greek -
Eupeithes Father of a suitor for Penelope. Male Greek -
Euphemia Auspicious speech or good repute. Famous bearer: 4th-century martyr St Euphemia. Female Greek -
Euphemie Well spoken. Female Greek -
Euphrata From the River Euphrates Female Indian -
Euphrates That makes fruitful [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Euphronius 'Antony and Cleopatra'. An ambassador from Antony to Caesar. Male Shakespearean -
Euphrosyne joy Female Greek -
Eurayle Wanders far. Female Greek -
Euridice justice Male Unknown -
Eurneid Legendary daughter of CIydno. Female Welsh -
EurolwVn Legendary daughter of Gwydo!wyn. Female Welsh -
Europa Mother of Minos. Female Greek -
Eurus God of the east wind. Male Greek -
Euryalus Taunted Odysseus. Male Greek -
Eurybia Amazon. Female Latin -
Eurydice Wife of Orpheus. Female Greek -
Eurydice Wife of Aeneas. Female Latin -
Euryganeia Wife of Oedipus. Female Latin -
Euryle Mother of Orion. Female Latin -
Eurylochus Turned into a pig by Circe. Male Greek -
Eurymachus Suitor of Penelope. Male Greek -
Eurymede Mother of Bellerphon. Female Latin -
Eurynassa Mother of Pelops. Female Latin -
Eurynome Goddess of aIl. Female Greek -
Eurynome Daugbter of Nysus. Female Latin -
Eurypylus A soldier against Greece in the Trojan War. Male Greek -
Eurystheus A cousin of Hercules. Male Greek -
Euryton A giant. Male Greek -
Eus Legendary son of Erim. Male Welsh -
Eusebio Variant of Eukepio: Worships well. Male Hawaiian -
Eusebius Variant of Eusebois: Worships well; pious. Male Greek -
Eusebois Worships well. Male Greek -
Eustace fruitful Male Greek Stace, Stacie
Eustache Variant of Eustace: Fertile. Male Greek -
Eustachius Variant of Eustace: Fertile. Male Greek -
Eustachy Fruitful. Male Greek -
Eustachy Steady; stable. Male Polish -
Eustacia Feminine form of Eustace: Fruitful, productive. Female Greek -
Eustacia tranquil Female Latin Stace, Stacie
Eustada Tranquil. Female Latin -
Eustasius Variant of Eustace: Fertile. Male Greek -
Eustatius Peaceful. Male Dutch -
Eustazio Variant of Eustace: Fertile. Male Greek -
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