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Popular Baby Names starting with E

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Ezekiel, Ezequiel God will strengthen Male Filipino -
Ezekiela Variant of Ekekiela: Powerful god. Male Hawaiian -
Ezel Hoing abroad, walk [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Ezem A bone [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Ezequias Yahweh is my strength Male Hebrew -
Ezequiel a form of Ezekiel Male Hebrew -
Ezequiel God strengthens. Male Spanish -
Ezer A help. Male Biblical -
Ezer a form of Ezra Male Hebrew -
Ezera Variant of Ekela: Help. Male Hawaiian -
Ezhil Oviyaa Beautiful Art (Tamil Name) Female Assemese -
Ezhil Beautiful; Azhagu Female Indian -
Ezhil High Determination Power Male Indian -
Ezhilarasi Queen of Beauty Female Indian -
Ezhili Beauty Female Indian -
Ezhno Solitary. Male Native-American -
Ezhumalai Lord Venkateshwara Male Indian -
Ezio friend, lover Male Hebrew Azio
Ezion-geber The wood of the man Male Biblical -
Ezmaray / Zemaray Afghan Male Pashto -
Ezra 'Help, court' Male Biblical -
Ezra helper, salvation Male Hebrew Ezer, Ezri, Ezzret
Ezrah Helper Male Hebrew -
Ezrela reaffirming faith Female Hebrew -
Ezri helper; strong Female Hebrew -
Ezri My help. Male Biblical -
Ezume pure water; pond Male Japanese -
Ezzah A person who gives the honour, respect Female Arabic -
Ezzah A Person who Gives the Honour; Respect Female Indian -
Ezzah A person who gives the honour, respect Female Muslim -
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