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Popular Baby Names starting with E

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Eeshta Beloved Female Indian -
Eeshtva N/A Male Indian -
Eeshvar God; A Name of Shiva Male Indian -
Eeshvara N/A Male Indian -
Eeshvi God Female Indian -
Eeshwar God Male Assemese -
Eeshwar God Male Indian -
Eesvar God Male Indian -
Eesvaraavu N/A Male Indian -
Eesvarana N/A Female Indian -
Eesvari N/A Female Indian -
Eeswari Another Name of Lalithamba Female Indian -
Eeva Life. Female Finnish -
Eeva Life Female Hebrew -
Eevan Beauty Female Indian -
Efa Welsh form of Eve, meaning life. Female Welsh -
Eferhard Brave. Male English -
Eferhild Bear or warrior maiden. Female English -
Eferhilda Bear or warrior maiden. Female English -
Eferleah From Ever's meadow. Male English -
Effie Abbreviation of Greek name Euphemia meaning well spoken. Female English -
Effie Fair flame. Abbreviation of Greek name Euphemia meaning well spoken. Female Greek -
Effie Of Fair Fame Female Indian -
Effie a star Female Unknown -
Efia Born on Friday Female African -
Efia born on tuesday Female Ghanese -
Efnisien Mythical son of Euroswydd. Male Celtic -
Efraim Doubly fruitful Male Hebrew -
Efrain fruitful Male Hebrew -
Efrain Doubly fruitful. Form of Hebrew Ephraim. Male Spanish -
Efran Doubly fruitful Male Hebrew -
Efrat Honored Male Hebrew -
Efrata honored Female Hebrew -
Efrayim Doubly fruitful Male Hebrew -
Efrem a short form of Ephraim Male Hebrew -
Efren fruitful Male Filipino -
Efron Young stag Male Hebrew -
Efrona songbird Female Hebrew -
Efrona Feminine of Efron Female Indian -
Efrosini joy-satisfaction-jubilation Female Greek -
Efterpi pretty in face Female Greek Effie, Teppi
Egaiarasu King of Charity Male Indian -
Egan Ardent. Male Celtic -
Egan Young fighter. Male Gaelic -
Egan ardent, little fire Male Gaelic, Celtic Egon, Egil
Egan Ardent or little fiery one Male Irish -
Egan Formidable. Male Teutonic -
Egann Variant of Egan: Fire. Male Gaelic -
Egappan N/A Male Indian -
Egbert Terror. Male Anglo -
Egbert Intelligent. Old English 'ecg', meaning sword, and 'beorht', meaning bright. Famous bearer: 9th-century King Egbert of Wessex, who held sway over all the kingdoms of England for a short part of his reign. Male English -
Egbert sword, famous, shiny Male German -
Egbert Formidably intelligent. Male Teutonic -
Egberta Shining sword. Female English -
Egbertina Shining sword. Female English -
Egbertine Shining sword. Female English -
Egbertyne Shining sword. Female English -
Egeria A water nymph. Female Greek -
Egeria Cumaean. Female Latin -
Egerton From the town on the ridge. Male English -
Egerton edge Male Old-English -
Egesa Terror. Male Anglo -
Egeslic Wise advisor. Male Anglo -
Egesta Daughter of Phoenodamas. Female Latin -
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