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Popular Baby Names starting with G

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Gaura A Fair Woman Female Bengali -
Gaura Fair Skinned Female Hindi -
Gaura A Fair Woman Female Indian -
Gaura White Male Indian -
Gauraang A Fair One; Husband of Gauri / Parvati; Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Gauraange Wife of Lord Shiva Female Indian -
Gaurab Glory Male Indian -
Gauradas N/A Male Indian -
Gauramohan Fair; Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Gaurang Fair Complexioned Male Indian -
Gauranga Fair; Cow Coloured Female Indian -
Gauranga Fair Complexioned; Golden Limbed; Having a White or Yellowish Body; Cow Coloured Male Indian -
Gaurangi Beautiful; Coloured Like a Cow Female Indian -
Gaurangi Of Wheatish Complesion Male Indian -
Gaurav Honour; Pride; Respect; Glory; Dignity Male Bengali -
Gaurav Male Hindu -
Gaurav Honour; Pride; Respect Male Indian -
Gaurava Pride; Respect Male Indian -
Gauravi Honour Female Indian -
Gaureekant Respect; Honour Male Indian -
Gaureesh Lord Shiva Shiva's Other Name Male Indian -
Gauresa Lord of Gauri Male Indian -
Gauresh A Name Of Lord Shiva. Male Assemese -
Gauresh A Name of Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Gaurhari Lord Chaitanya Male Indian -
Gauri Godde Female Assemese -
Gauri fair, beautiful; another name for the earth Female Bengali -
Gauri Parvati Female Hindi -
Gauri yellow Female Hindu -
Gauri A Fair Woman; Parvati Female Indian -
Gauri Fair Male Indian -
Gaurija Son of Parvati Male Indian -
Gaurik Lord Ganesha Male Indian -
Gaurika Pretty Young Girl Female Hindi -
Gaurika A Young Girl Female Indian -
Gaurika N/A Male Indian -
Gaurikant Husband of Gauri Male Indian -
Gaurinandan Son of Gauri; Lord Ganesh Male Indian -
Gaurinath Husband of Gauri Female Indian -
Gaurinath Lord Shiva Male Assemese -
Gaurinath Lord Shiva Male Bengali -
Gaurinath Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Gaurinatha Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Gaurisa Lord of Gauri Male Indian -
Gaurish Lord Shiva Female Indian -
Gaurish Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Gaurisha Lord Parwati Female Indian -
Gaurishankar Lord Shiva; Peak of the Himalayas Male Bengali -
Gaurishankar Peak of the Himalayas Male Indian -
Gaurisuta Son of Gauri; Lord Ganesha Male Indian -
Gaurita Hindu Goddess Parvati Female Indian -
Gaurkeshav Krishna with a Golden Complexion Male Indian -
Gaurnitai Lord Chaitanya Male Indian -
Gaurpriya Beloved of Lord Male Indian -
Gaurshakti Lord Chaitanya's Power Male Indian -
Gaursundar Lord Chaitanya Male Indian -
Gaurvi Proud Female Indian -
Gausra Day Break Male Indian -
Gautam The name of the Buddha Male Bengali -
Gautam Male Hindu -
Gautam Lord Buddha Male Indian -
Gautama The Name of the Buddha Male Indian -
Gautami Wife a Sage Gautam; River Godavari Female Indian -
Gaute Great. Male Norse -
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