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Popular Baby Names starting with G

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Gayaa A Pilgrim Centre in India Male Indian -
Gayadutt N/A Male Indian -
Gayak Singer Male Indian -
Gayaka One who Sings Male Indian -
Gayan River Godavari Female Indian -
Gayan Sky Male Indian -
Gayana Singing Female Assemese -
Gayana Singing Female Bengali -
Gayana Singing Female Indian -
Gayand Tusker; An Elephant Male Indian -
Gayane a Christian martyr Female Armenian -
Gayanthika Singing Female Indian -
Gayantika Singing Female Indian -
Gayathri Phased; Verse Female Indian -
Gayatri mother of the Vedas Female Hindu -
Gayatri The Chant of Salvation; Goddess Durga Female Indian -
Gaydzag lightning Male Armen -
Gaye From the Old French word 'gai', meaning merry or light-hearted. Female French -
Gayla Festive party. Female English -
Gayle Independent name derived from a diminutive of the Hebrew Abigail, meaning 'gives joy' or 'my father rejoices. '. Female English -
Gayle Lively. Male English -
Gaylen Festive party. Female English -
Gaylen Tranquil. Male Gaelic -
Gaylene Joyful. Abbreviation of Abigail. Gael is a term for descendants of the ancient Celts in Scotland; Ireland and the Isle of Man. Female English -
Gaylord From the Old French, meaning high-spirited. Used as both a surname and given name. Male French -
Gaylord brave strength Male Old-French Gaylard, Gayelord
Gayner Son of the blond man. Male Gaelic -
Gaynor Variant of Guinevere: Fair one. Guinevere was King Arthur's mythological queen. Female Arthurian-Legend -
Gaynor son of the fair-haired one Male Gaelic -
Gaza Strong, a goat [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Gazabar A treasurer Male Biblical -
Gazala Intelligent, charming Female Arabic -
Gazala A Deer Female Indian -
Gazala Intelligent, charming Female Muslim -
Gazer A dividing, a sentence. Male Biblical -
Gazez A passing over. Male Biblical -
Gazir N/A Male Indian -
Gazit Cut stone Female Hebrew -
Gazsi Protects the treasure. Male Hungarian -
Gazsi Treasure master. Male Persian -
Gazzam The fleece of them. Male Biblical -
Gcibor Variant of Czcibor: Fights with honour. Male Polish -
Gdridg brave Male Armen -
Gear Short. Male Gaelic -
Gearald Gaelic form of Gerald. Male Gaelic -
Gearie N/A Male Indian -
Gearoid Mighty with a spear Male Irish -
Gearoid Spear strength. Male Teutonic -
Geary Flexible. Male English -
Geashna Victory Female Indian -
Geb Mythical earth god. Male Egyptian -
Geba A hill, cup [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Gebal Bound, limit [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Geber Manly; strong Male Biblical -
Gebim Grasshoppers, height [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Geby N/A Male Indian -
Gechina Graceful. Female Basque -
Gedaliah God is my greatness. Male Biblical -
Gedaliah God has made great Male Hebrew -
Gedalya God has made great Male Hebrew -
Gedalyahu God has made great Male Hebrew -
Gedeon warrior, devastator Male Hungarian -
Geder A wall [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
Gederah A wall [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Male Biblical -
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