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Popular Baby Names starting with K

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Kyong brightness Female Korean -
Kyong brightness Male Korean -
Kyoto mirror Female Japanese -
Kyra Enthroned. Variant of Cyra: (moon); Feminine of Cyrus: (sun). Female Greek -
Kyra Princess Female Indian -
Kyra Light. Female Latin -
Kyra sun Female Unknown -
Kyran Dusky; dark-haired. Male Gaelic -
Kyran Land where cattle graze Male Irish -
Kyrell A place-name referring to the narrows; a wood or a church. Male Gaelic -
Kyrell Land where cattle graze Male Irish -
Kyrene Lady. Female Greek -
Kyria Lady. Female Greek -
Kyrie Lady. Female Greek -
Kyrillos Lordly. Male Greek -
Kyrillosr Lordly. Male Greek -
Kyrk Church. Male English -
Kyrk Church. Male Scandinavian -
Kyrk Church. Male Scottish -
Kyrksen Church. Male Scandinavian -
Kyrksen Church. Male Scottish -
Kyrkwode From the church's forest. Male English -
Kyros Master. Male Greek -
Kyu standard Male Korean -
Kyung respect Female Korean -
Kyung respect Male Korean -
Kyung-Hu girl in capital Female Korean -
Kyung-Soon honored and gentle Female Korean -
Kyvalya God Name; Heaven Female Indian -
Kywrkh Legendary son of Cleddyv. Male Welsh -
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