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Popular Baby Names starting with K

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Kamaljot Light of Lotus Male Indian -
Kamalkali The Bud of a Lotus Female Indian -
Kamalkant Lord Vishnu Male Bengali -
Kamalkant Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Kamalnath Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
Kamalnayan Lotus-eyed Female Indian -
Kamalnayan Lotus-eyed Male Indian -
Kamalpal Protector of Lotus Male Indian -
Kamalpreet One who Loves the Flower Lotus Male Indian -
Kamalvathi Lotus Female Indian -
Kamalvir N/A Female Indian -
Kaman Desired Male Indian -
Kamana Desire Female Hindi -
Kamana Desire Female Indian -
Kamanda Name of a Rishi Male Indian -
Kamaniya Desirable; Endearing Female Indian -
Kamapala The Fulfiller of Desires Male Indian -
Kamaraj King of Love Making Male Indian -
Kamaraja Lord of Desire Male Indian -
Kamarasan Unaffected by Desires Male Bengali -
Kamari The Enemy of Desire Male Indian -
Kamaria Moonlight, like the moon Female African -
Kamaria like the moon Female Swahili -
Kamaroopin Changing Form at Will Male Indian -
Kamarupa Of the Form of Love; Beautiful; Pleasing Male Indian -
Kamat Unrestrained Male Indian -
Kamatchi Lakshmi Female Indian -
Kamatchidevi Lotus Female Indian -
Kamau Quiet warrior Male African -
Kamavarthini One with Lotus Like Eyes Female Indian -
Kamayani Wish; Desire; The Mirror of Love Female Indian -
Kamayani N/A Male Indian -
Kambadur N/A Male Indian -
Kamban Poet who composed Kamba Ramayanam Male Bengali -
Kamban Poet who Composed Kamba Ramayanam Male Indian -
Kambiz Fortunate. Male Afghan -
Kambiz Fortunate Male Indian -
Kambo must work for everything Female African -
Kambod A Raga Male Indian -
Kambodi A Raga Male Indian -
Kamboj Conch Shell; Elephant Male Indian -
Kamboja Shell; Elephant Male Indian -
Kambojha N/A Male Indian -
Kambria Spelling variant of Cambria referring to Wales. Female English -
Kamda One who can Fulfill All Wish of Others Male Indian -
Kamden Winding Valley. Form of Camden. Male Scottish -
Kamdev N/A Male Indian -
Kamea Female Hawaiian Kamea, Kamaya, Kammie, Kam, Mea, Maya
Kameel Beautiful Female Indian -
Kameel Perfect; one of the ninetynine qualities of God Male Arabic -
Kameel Perfection Male Indian -
Kameela Most perfect Female Bengali -
Kameela Most Perfect Female Indian -
Kameelah Perfect Female Indian -
Kameelah Perfect Male Indian -
Kameko tortoise-child, symbol for long-life Female Japanese -
Kamel Perfect, Complete,Thorough,Full. Male Afghan -
Kamelah Perfect, complete. Female of kamel. Female Afghan -
Kamelia Variant of the flower name Camelia. Female English -
Kamelia A flower name. Variant of Camelia. Female Latin -
Kamella A flower name. Variant of Camelia. Female Latin -
Kameo The one and only. Female Hawaiian -
Kameron Modern female variant of the Scottish Cameron, meaning crooked or bent nose. Female English -
Kameron Modern variant of Cameron used for girls. Male English -
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