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Popular Baby Names starting with K

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Krita Perfection Female Indian -
Kritagaya A Grateful Person Male Indian -
Kritagya A Grateful Person Female Indian -
Kritagya A Grateful Person Male Indian -
Kritanta God of Death Male Indian -
Kritanu Skillful; Clever Female Indian -
Kritanu Skilled Male Bengali -
Kritanu Skilled Male Indian -
Kriteshni N/A Female Indian -
Kriteyu Immortal Female Indian -
Kriteyu Immortal Male Indian -
Krithi Action Female Indian -
Krithick Lord Murugan Male Indian -
Krithik Shivas Son Murugas Name Male Assemese -
Krithik One of the Shiva's Son Muruga's Name Male Indian -
Krithikesh Name Of Lord Karthikeya Male Bengali -
Krithya Action Female Indian -
Kriti A Work Of Art Female Bengali -
Kriti A Work Of Art Female Hindi -
Kriti a work of art Female Hindu -
Kriti A Work of Art Female Indian -
Kriti A Work of Art Male Indian -
Kritik Well Starred Male Indian -
Kritika Formation of Stars Female Indian -
Kritika Well Starred Male Indian -
Kritiman Creator; Sculpture Female Indian -
Kritiman Sculptor Male Indian -
Kritivarma Krishna's Friend Female Indian -
Kritivarma Krishna's Friend Male Indian -
Kritivi Accomplished Female Indian -
Kritnu Skillful Male Indian -
Krittika The Plaids Female Indian -
Kritu Mercifulness Female Indian -
Kritya Action; Achievement Female Indian -
Kritya Achievement Male Indian -
Krivam Sun and Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva's Combined Name Male Indian -
Krivi Lord Shiva Male Assemese -
Krivi Lord Shiva Male Indian -
Kriya Performance Female Indian -
Kriyaa Religious or Purified Action Female Indian -
Kriyansh Modern Name of Krishna Male Indian -
Kriyavidhi Method of Doing; A Rule of Action Male Indian -
Krizuh Ugly; Weird Female Indian -
Krocka Moves slowly. Male Czechoslovakian -
Krossbyr Dwells at the shrine of the cross. Male Norse -
Krounch A Bird Female Indian -
Krounch N/A Male Indian -
Krpala Sword; Dagger; Scimitar Male Indian -
Krpana N/A Male Indian -
Krpanaka N/A Male Indian -
Krrish Short Form of Krishna Male Indian -
Krshnavi The Thing which is Sweetest to Lord Krishna Female Indian -
Krsnika Related to Krsna; Of Blackness Male Indian -
Krsniya Black Male Indian -
Krtakama Accomplisher of Desires; One Whose Desires are Satisfied Male Indian -
Krti Lord of Music Male Bengali -
Krtsna Entire; Whole Male Indian -
Krtya Action; Achievement Male Indian -
Krunal Male Hindu -
Krunal Companion-ate Person; Kind to Others Male Indian -
Krupa Grace, Favour Female Bengali -
Krupa Grace, Favour Female Hindi -
Krupa Female Hindu -
Krupa Grace; Favour Female Indian -
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