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Popular Baby Names starting with K

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Kurayb Ibn Abi Muslim al-Hashami had this name Male Muslim -
Kurcika A Painter's Brush Male Indian -
Kuresh N/A Male Indian -
Kurian N/A Male Indian -
Kurinji Special; Flower which Blooms Once in Twelve Years Female Indian -
Kurinji N/A Male Indian -
Kurma A Tortoise; One of the Vital Airs Controls Blinking Male Indian -
Kurt Diminutive of Curtis: Polite; courteous. Male English -
Kurt Diminutive of the German variant of Conrad: Bold counsel. Honest advisor. Male German -
Kurtis Variant of Curtis: Polite; courteous. Also, variant abreviation of Sydney. Male English -
Kurtis Courtier. Also a diminutive of Conrad: Brave adviser. Male German -
Kuru Do Male Indian -
Kuruk Bear Male Indian -
Kuruk Bear (Pawnee). Male Native-American -
Kurumuni Another name for Agathiyan Male Assemese -
Kurumuni Another name for Agathiyan Male Bengali -
Kurundi Resident of the Land of Kurus Male Indian -
Kurupath N/A Male Indian -
Kuruvilla Unconquerable; Invincible Female Indian -
Kuruvilla Unconquerable; Invincible Male Indian -
Kurva mulberry tree Female Japanese -
Kusa heart Male Thai -
Kusagan N/A Male Indian -
Kusagra a king Male Hindu -
Kusagra A King Male Indian -
Kusala Safe Female Indian -
Kusalin N/A Male Indian -
Kuselar N/A Male Indian -
Kush son of Rama Male Hindu -
Kush Son of Lord Rama Male Indian -
Kusha Sacred Grass Female Indian -
Kushaada N/A Male Indian -
Kushaal N/A Male Indian -
Kushaan Clever Male Indian -
Kushabahu N/A Male Indian -
Kushad Talented Male Bengali -
Kushad Talented Male Indian -
Kushadwaj Janak's Brother Male Indian -
Kushagra Sharp; Shrewd Male Indian -
Kushaj Sacred Grass Male Indian -
Kushaja Pandavas' Mother Female Indian -
Kushak King Male Indian -
Kushal well being Male Bengali -
Kushal Clever Male Indian -
Kushala Safe, Happy, Expert Female Hindi -
Kushala Safe; Happy; Expert; Well Being Female Indian -
Kushala Skillful; Clever Male Indian -
Kushali Clever Girl Female Indian -
Kushalin Having Skillfulness or Happiness Male Indian -
Kushalini Having Skillfulness or Happiness Female Indian -
Kushan Male Hindu -
Kushan N/A Male Indian -
Kushanu Fire Male Bengali -
Kushanu Fire Male Indian -
Kushboo Fragrance Female Assemese -
Kushboo Fragrance Female Bengali -
Kushboo Fragrance Female Indian -
Kushbu Fragrance Female Indian -
Kushi Happy Female Indian -
Kushik Grandfather of Rishi Vishwamitra Male Indian -
Kushmanda N/A Female Indian -
Kushmandini Born from a Pumpkin Female Indian -
Kushwah N/A Male Indian -
Kushwaha N/A Male Indian -
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