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Popular Baby Names starting with L

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Laetitia Happy Female Irish
Laetitia Great joy. Variant of Letitia. Female Latin
lafa strong and beautiful Female Hebrew
Lafayette Surname. At the age of 20 the French nobleman Marquis de Lafayette went to fight for four years in the American Revolution. Male French
Lafeu 'All's Well That Ends Well.' An old lord. Male Shakespearean
Lagan Dedication Female Indian
Lagan Appropriate Time Male Indian
Laghima Goddess parvathi Female Assemese
Laghima Goddess parvathi Female Bengali
Laghima Goddess Parvathi Female Indian
Laghu Quick Female Indian
Laghu Lovely; Pure; Young Male Indian
Laghun Quick Male Bengali
Laghun Quick Male Indian
Laghuvi Tender Female Hindi
Laghuvi Tender Female Indian
Lagmann Lawyer. Male Norse
Lagna The Ascendant or 1st House Male Indian
lago 'The Tragedy of Othello, Moor of Venice' Ensign to Othello. Male Shakespearean
lago Supplanter. Spanish form of Jacob. Associated with the wicked Iago in Shakespeare's 'Othello'. Male Spanish
Lahab N/A Male Indian
Lahad Praising, to confess. Female Biblical
Lahairoi Who liveth and seeth me. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical
Lahar Wave Male Indian
Lahari Tender Female Indian
Lahban N/A Male Indian
Lahiah A narrator of hadith. Male Arabic
Lahiri N/A Male Indian
Lahkshmi Goddess of Wealth Female Indian
Lahmam Their bread, their war. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical
Lai The Beloved One Male Indian
Laiba Angel of heaven. Female Arabic
Laiba Female of the Haven Female Indian
Laiba Angel of heaven Female Muslim
Laiba Female of the Haven Male Indian
Laibrook Lives by the path by the brook. Male English
Laidley From the creek meadow. Male English
Laidly From the creek meadow. Male English
Laila Of the Night. Female Arabic
Laila Night. Female Danish
Laila Light. Female Finnish
Laila Nightfall Female Hebrew
Laila Sweetheart Female Indian
Laila Of the Night Female Muslim
Laila / Leila Of the night. Female Afghan
Laila, Layla, Leila night Female Muslim
Lailesh Lord Shiva Male Indian
Laili Nightfall Female Hebrew
Lailie born during light Female Hebrew
Lailoken A fool. Male Arthurian-Legend
Lailuma / Lailoma Bright, moon-light. Female Afghan
Lailush N/A Male Indian
Laily / Leily Nocturnal, of the night. Female Afghan
Laina Path; roadway. Variant of surnames Lane and Laine. Female English
Laina Path; Roadway; Route; Bright One; Shining One Female Indian
Laine Path; roadway. Variant of surnames Lane and Laine. Female English
Laine From the long meadow. Male English
Laine Serves John. Male Scottish
Lainey sun ray Female English
Laiq Deserving Male Arabic
Laiq Deserving Male Muslim
Laiqa Intelligent, smile Female Arabic
Laira Stars Female Indian
Laird Lord of the Land Male Indian
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