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Popular Baby Names starting with L

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Lalaine helpful and hardworking Female Unknown
Lalam Jewel Male Indian
Lalamani Ruby Female Indian
Lalan Nurturing Female Indian
Lalan Nurturing Male Indian
Lalana A beautiful woman Female Assemese
Lalana A beautiful woman Female Bengali
Lalana A Girl Female Hindi
Lalana A Beautiful Woman Female Indian
Lalana A Girl Male Indian
Lalasa Dove Female Hindi
Lalasa love Female Hindu
Lalasa Love Female Indian
Lalasa Love Male Indian
Lalat Name of a Raag Male Indian
Lalatendu The Third Eye of Lord Shiva Male Indian
Lalchand red moon Male Bengali
Lalchand Red Moon Male Indian
Lalchandra Red Moon Male Indian
laleel waiting for God Male Hebrew
Laleh Tulip; A Kind of Flowering Plant Female Indian
Lalenthika Goddess Lakshmi Female Indian
Lali Darling Girl Female Hindi
Lali Blushing; Darling Girl Female Indian
Lali Blushing Male Indian
Lali Famous holiness. Male Teutonic
Lalia Verbose. Female Greek
Lalika A Slender; Graceful Woman Female Indian
Lalil N/A Male Indian
Lalima Redness; Beauty Female Bengali
Lalima Wife Of Vishnu Female Hindi
Lalima Female Hindu
Lalima Beauty; Wife of Vishnu; Redness Female Indian
Lalit Beautiful Male Assemese
Lalit Handsome; Beautiful Male Bengali
Lalit Male Hindu
Lalit Beautiful Male Indian
Lalita Beautifull Lady; Elegant; a form of Durga Female Bengali
Lalita Female Hindu
Lalita Beautiful Woman; Variety; Beauty Female Indian
Lalitaditya Beautiful Sun Male Indian
Lalitambika Lovely and Gentle Mother Female Indian
Lalitamohana Attractive, Beautiful Female Assemese
Lalitchandra Beautiful Moon Male Indian
Lalitendu Beautiful Moon Male Indian
Lalitesh God of beauty, husband of a beautiful wife Male Bengali
Lalitesh God of Beauty; Husband of a Beautiful Wife Male Indian
Lalith Beautiful Male Indian
Lalitha A Woman; A Form of Durga Female Indian
Lalitha N/A Male Indian
Lalithabai Ardent Desire Female Indian
Lalithadevi Darling Girl Female Indian
Lalithakumari Wife of Vishnu Female Indian
Lalithamani Variety; Beauty Female Indian
Lalithambigai Fine Arts Female Indian
Lalithamohini Beautiful; Attractive Female Indian
Lalithkala N/A Female Indian
Lalitkala Nurturing Female Indian
Lalitkishore Beautiful Male Assemese
Lalitkishore Beautiful Male Indian
Lalitkumar Beautiful Male Indian
Lalitlochan One with Beautiful Eyes Male Indian
Lalitmohan Beautiful And Attractive Male Bengali
Lalitmohan Beautiful and Attractive Male Indian
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