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Popular Baby Names starting with N

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Nivrutti Separation From World Male Bengali
Nivrutti Separation from World Male Indian
Nivya Freshness Female Indian
Nixen Son of Nick. Male English
Nixi Goddesses who helped with childbirth. Female Latin
Nixie Little water sprite. Female German
Nixie water sprite Female Old-German
Nixit Certain Male Indian
Nixkamich Grandfather (Algonquin). Male Native-American
Nixon Abbreviation of Nicholas. Mythological Nike was Greek goddess of victory and root origin of 'Nicholas.'. Male English
Nixon son of Nicholas Male Filipino
Niya New Achievement Female Indian
Niyaf Tall and pretty Female Arabic
Niyaf Tall and pretty Female Muslim
Niyan Eye Male Indian
Niyana Obedient Female Indian
Niyanta N/A Female Indian
Niyath Behaviour Male Indian
Niyathi Fate; Fortune Female Indian
Niyati Fate, Fortune, Supreme Power Female Hindi
Niyati fate Female Hindu
Niyati Fate; Fortune; Supreme Power Female Indian
Niyaz Dedication, Offering. Male Arabic
Niyaz Dedication, Offering Male Muslim
Niyol Wind (Navajo). Male Native-American
Nizam Administration. Male Arabic
Nizam Administration Male Muslim
Nizana Blossom Female Hebrew
Nizar tobe little. Male Arabic
Nizar Old Arabic name Male Muslim
Nizhalgal Shadows Male Indian
Nizsm Disriplined. Male Egyptian
Nizzar Keen-eyed Male Arabic
Nizzar Keen-eyed Male Muslim
Njal Son of Thorgeir. Male Norse
Njal Champion. From the Irish and Scottish Niall. Male Scandinavian
Njall Son of Thorgeir. Male Norse
Njau Young bull Male African
Njemile Upstanding, honorable Female African
Njord Father of Freya. Male Norse
Njorthrbiartr Hero. Male Norse
Nkosazana Princess Female African
Nkosi King. Male Assemese
Nkosi Rules. Male Egyptian
Nkosi Ruler; From Zulu Male Indian
Nkrumsh Ninth born. Male Egyptian
Nkuku Rooster. Male Egyptian
Nneka Her mother is important Female African
No Stirring up, forbidding. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical
Noach Comfort. Male Dutch
Noach Rest Male Hebrew
Noadiah Witness, or ornament, of the Lord. Female Biblical
Noadiah God assembles Male Hebrew
Noah That quavers or totters (Zelophehad's daughter) Female Biblical
Noah rest, peace Male Filipino
Noah comfort, wanderer Male Hebrew
Noaj a rest Male Hebrew
Noak Rest. Male Swedish
Noam Lightning Fired. Male Bengali
Noam sweet; friend Male Hebrew
Nob Discourse, prophecy. [Non-Gerderized Biblical Name] Female Biblical
Nobah That barks or yelps. Female Biblical
Nobita N/A Female Indian
Noble honorable one, well born Male Latin
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