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Popular Baby Names starting with N

Name Meaning Gender Origin
Naaz Pride, elegance Female Arabic
Naaz Pride Female Indian
Naaz Pride, elegance Female Muslim
Naaz Pride; Delicacy Male Indian
Naazneen Beautiful Female Arabic
Naazneen Beautiful Female Muslim
Nab Abbot. Male Scottish
Naba Great News. Female Arabic
Naba Great News Female Muslim
Nabah Nobel High; Sky Female Indian
Nabanipa A New Flower Female Indian
Nabanita A New Life Female Indian
Nabarun Morning Sun Male Indian
Nabeeh Noble; Outstanding Male Arabic
Nabeeh Noble; Outstanding Male Indian
Nabeeha Intelligent Female Arabic
Nabeeha Intelligent Female Indian
Nabeeha Intelligent Female Muslim
Nabeel Noble Male Arabic
Nabeel Noble Male Indian
Nabeel Noble Man Male Muslim
Nabeela Noble, honorable Female Arabic
Nabeela Noble Female Indian
Nabeelah Noble. Female Arabic
Nabeelah Noble Female Muslim
Nabelung beautiful one Female African
Nabendu New Moon Male Bengali
Nabendu Male Hindu
Nabendu New Moon Male Indian
Nabh Sky Male Indian
Nabha Nobel High, Sky Female Assemese
Nabha Nobel High, Sky Female Bengali
Nabha Nobel High; Sky Female Indian
Nabha The Heart Center Male Indian
Nabhan Alert. Male Arabic
Nabhan Noble; Outstanding Male Indian
Nabhan Alert Male Muslim
Nabhan, Nabih Noble, outstanding Male Muslim
Nabhanipa A New Flower Female Indian
Nabhanya Celestial Female Indian
Nabhanyu Eternal Male Indian
Nabhas Sky Male Indian
Nabhasa Celestial Male Indian
Nabhasi Celestial Female Indian
Nabhendu New Moon Male Indian
Nabhi Focus; the best,Central Female Assemese
Nabhi Central Female Indian
Nabhi Focus; The Best Male Indian
Nabhij Lord Brahama Male Bengali
Nabhij Lord Brahama Male Indian
Nabhiraj Lord Brahama Male Indian
Nabhita Fearless Female Indian
Nabhith Fearless Male Indian
Nabhitha Fearless Female Bengali
Nabhitha Fearless Female Indian
Nabhkanti Light of Sky Male Indian
Nabhoj Born in Sky Male Indian
Nabhomandal New Moon Male Indian
Nabhomani Jewel Of The Sky ( Sun) Male Bengali
Nabhomani Jewel of the Sky; Sun Male Indian
Nabhya Central Female Indian
Nabhya Central Male Indian
Nabi Prophet sent by God for the guidance of mankind. Male Afghan
Nabi Another name for Prophet Muhammad Male Arabic
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